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Little M.I.S.S. Frustrated: Tired of the Blame Game!

little miss frustrated
Last Sunday reporter for TV Azteca, Inez Sainz, attended a New York Jets training session to interview Mark Sanchez. Sainz’s interview did not go without incident; she was met with cat calls and remarks from the players. The incident is now under investigation by the NFL. Wether Sainz endured sexual harassment at the hands of the Jets players is under question; the fact that Sainz is a former Miss Universe, Sainz’s attire the day of the interview and her onscreen nick name is completely irrelevant and should not be part of the discussion. Media’s coverage has focused on Sainz and questioned if any of her actions enticed the players. Sainz is consistently shown on screen in bikini shots that have nothing to do with the Jets incident and is referred to as “the hot reporter”. To add insult to injury most of the women asked to weigh in on the incident seemed to share the prevailing view that the reporter some how is responsible for the incident based on her wardrobe choice.

It is sad that despite all the progress women have made, we are still blamed for having endured harassment (rape, abuse, etc). Isn’t it time that we begin to hold men accountable for their own actions in lieu of deflecting responsibility on to the victim? I do not think that Sainz’s attire is relevant to the discussion. Sainz is not responsible for society perpetually dismissing women ‘s rights. However, since everyone is talking about it I’d like to say, there is nothing wrong with her shirt. This was the only picture I was able to find of Sainz the day of the interview. Well, the only picture that was not a rear shot.

You be the judge, since evidently it’s the thing to do. (ah!)

Image Credit: Michelle Peredo

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One Response to “Little M.I.S.S. Frustrated: Tired of the Blame Game!”

  1. Jo says:

    Great point. When I first heard about the story I imagined her walking into the locker room with a skimpy chear leader-like outfit. Women should have the right to dress whichever way they want without having to worry about what others, men in particular, might think.

    The shirt is not bad at all. She looks very professional if you ask me.


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