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Lifting Weights, Yes We Can!

No pain, no gain: lifting weights has many benefits for men and women alike

No pain, no gain: lifting weights has many benefits for men and women alike

While at the gym, you’ll surely notice that the weight area is populated by men who may scream and/or grunt as they push their physical boundaries or simply attempt to show off. Granted, women do visit the area, some boldly take their place amidst the testosterone, others are a bit more cautious as if they were afraid to magically transform into beefed up mini-men or in a less extreme case, they are weary of being criticized for having poor form and other such details people could pick at.

Women, I say take your place! There are so many benefits associated with lifting weights such as decreasing body fat, which in turn, speeds up your metabolism, becoming physically stronger, as in no longer depending on someone else to lift heavy objects for example, lowering both your risk of getting injured and developing many known health complications. How do you think Angela Basset got those sexy toned arms? It wasn’t from running for an hour on the treadmill, that’s for sure.

Lifting heavy weights will not make women bulky since our bodies do not produce enough testosterone to become a female version of the hulk. In case you are wondering, female body builders, in many cases, take steroids in order to gain muscle mass and spend hours lifting heavy weights at the gym. So, for the average women who exercises 3-4-5 times a week for let’s say 60 minutes, with at least 20 of them being allotted to cardio, there are no worries in that department. It’s alright to start small, but do challenge yourself and constantly aim to become stronger.

Granted, the day after a good weight training session, you may experience some pain in the area that you’ve worked. The pain isn’t due to injury, rather it is the evidence that you pushed yourself and that you are building muscle. There are a plethora of exercises you can try; just do some Internet searches, and make sure to truly understand how to do them correctly, proper form intact.

For me, weight training is fun, challenging and provides me with the results I never acquired on the elliptical. If you are still skeptical about lifting those dumbbells, try working out with your own body weight: push-ups (progress from being on your knees to going on your toes), tricep dips, squats…

Good luck!

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One Response to “Lifting Weights, Yes We Can!”

  1. C-Rocka says:

    I lift and I’ve noticed when I’ve talked about it with other women they get weirded out. I explain the benefits but they still just shrug it off and think it will make’em bulky! Lifting can burn calories up to 48hrs after your session where as cardio stops right when you stop.


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