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Let’s Get Purse-onal – Bread Bakin’ Bag Breakin’


If there was anything that I had to have with me 24/7, that “one thing” would be my blackberry. I do absolutely everything on it – it keeps me in check. It’s my alarm, calendar, where I twitter, check my email, browse the internet, do my online banking, take photos, store music, send and receive photos . . .  the possibilities are endless. How ironic that most people would say “wallet” or “lipgloss” and my response, with out hesitation is “my blackberry“.

As mentioned, I use my blackberry as my source of music (I have the first iPod Nano but it kept freezing and would never hear any of my calls, so why not sync everything into one device?) – to listen to my music when I’m not driving and am on the train, I use my fuschia lego headphones. I picked these headphones up at the Blue Banana in Kensington Market here in Toronto. These have given me the best sound quality and I didn’t pay over $20 for them :)


Speaking of wallets, this one is a caramel brown leather wallet from Lucky Brand that my sister got me. I’ve been using it for over 2 years now, which truly is like owning a mortgage in wallet years. I used to go through 4-5 different wallets a season. I’m surprised I haven’t thought of picking up something new?

My scent of choice *drum roll please* . . . Chanel no. 5 eau du parfum. I love this scent so much! It’s a light musky fragrance. I find that a lot of Men aren’t fond of the scent but hey, I’m wearing it for me and no one else. I was introduced to Chanel no. 5 by an Egyptian woman who was selling old Chanel bottles at an estate sale when I was 12. Being a tomboy at the time, I never would have even considered using it except she sold me on the story of how Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel coined no.5!


Army anything is huge now but regardless, I’ve always been a fan of Army green eye liner under my eyes. I’ve been using Gosh Cosmetic’s Green Gate twist eye liner. It is the ONLY eye liner that I have ever tried that does not EVER smudge, yet is easy to wash off at the end of the day. Ladies, if you were a victim of raccoon eyes (as I was) you need to try their eye liner. It’s fantastic. I also have it in “Hot Flamingo” and “Deep Sea”.

I never really touch up, but I bring my Pür Minerals (tan) compact with me just in case! I’ve got combination skin and have found that I can only use mineral make-up with out feeling cakey.

Just in case I’m having a bad morning and don’t feel like dolling myself up, I put on my vintage purple sunglasses. Got these at a garage sale in Norway in 2001 and they’re still going strong. You can never go wrong with vintage.

Absolutely love Wrigley’s 5 React gum. It lasts forever and doesn’t pill or break. It’s always smart to have gum in your bag, just in case you run into an ex boyfriend or are put into a situation where you leave no room for the holy spirit during conversation. 😛


To freshen my look at the end of the day, I dust on M.A.C Cosmetic’s Mineral Skinfinish in Gold Deposit, to add a glow to my skin. It’s light, smells nice and works on any skin tone!

I carry sharpies and a pen with me everywhere I go. You just never know when you’ll need one. These 3 Sharpies are just a fraction of Sharpie’s Cafe Edition. These three I use the most – absolutely loving the color combination.

Now that the weather’s getting chilly on the east coast, I carry my vintage “tribal” scarf which brightens up my look. Picked this up for under $2 at a second hand store and can’t get enough of it. As well, not only do you need to keep yourselves warm when it gets chilly, but moisturized too. The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector is thick but rubs nicely into the skin, with out leaving your hands greasy. Has a nice light smell too and of course, the packaging is cute too. :)

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  1. danica lavoie says:

    I really like your scarf! Also the headphones are cool! Do they ship international (blue banana)?


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