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If I Were A Rich Girl – 09.18.2010


Autumn is here and it’s that time of the year again. Ahhh . . .  Fashion Week has infiltrated all blogs, newsletters, tweets, magazines and just about every medium you could ever imagine. It’s a time for change and with change comes lust. We yearn for things that we can not afford *ahem*. Who says a girl can’t dream?

With that being said, here is a list of a few things that I’d be on, If I Were a Rich Girl. I think I just shed a tear :(

Like Nancy Sinatra said, “These Boots were made for walking” and she was right. A good lookin’ shoe or boot is the foundation for any great look and this fall, I opted to go the frugal route. I went vintage shopping for a pair of caramel brown high-top booties with a double strap but if loot wasn’t an issue, you’d better believe I’d be rockin’ a pair of Romance Lace Up Heel by Seychelles ($143.00 USD).

I also find that I flip on accessories because I’d rather purchase something noteworthy than anything that will tarnish or is crafted to be underestimated. A great wrist piece, the Exhaust Pipe Bracelet by TenOverSix ($368.00 USD) would go wonderfully with the boots, don’t you think?

Now, if I really were a rich girl, you’d better believe I’d be walking into a room with all eyes on me. I’d strut into a room, draped in a Batwing Trench Coat by Eryn Brinie ($234.00 USD). Something about the classic trench exudes power and sex appeal, so why not throw edge into the mix?

To throw off this insane look, I couldn’t walk-the-walk without a Killa Klutch by 2BitchezDeep ($375.00 USD).

If I were a rich girl, I’d want to not only look like one but smell like one as well. How about a bottle of Imperial Majesty, the world’s most expensive perfume by Clive Christian, which costs an astounding $215,000 a bottle (mind you, there are only 5 bottles available worldwide so I’d have to be a very, VERY rich girl).

To top it off with something sweet, how about a piece of Melody Eshani draped around my neck? I am loving the Kaleido Necklace ($115.00 USD).

Graphic layout: Michelle

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2 Responses to “If I Were A Rich Girl – 09.18.2010”

  1. Iliana M says:

    I can’t get over the price for that perfume dang I would have to be the richest girl

    Love the coat and boots (=

  2. nanjie pineda says:

    like the boots and the coat!
    falls my favorite time of the yr so fun to dress up!


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