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Hellz Fall Delivery 1 2010: ‘The Rest Is Her Story’ Collection

Hellz Fall Delivery 1 2010: ‘The Rest Is Her Story’ Collection

There is really quite something to be said about Hellz every time a collection has been dropped.  How much the brand is evolving into something really amazing, how each line is becoming stronger,   more fashionable and mind blowing. I’m not here to put my nose up Hellz’s ass, but I’m here speaking from my heart for a clothing line that is after my own heart. There are only 3 women’s lifestyle brands that I really am in love with. Hellz is a line after my own heart and for giving me ladywood.

Read on for more images, a behind the scenes video and a description of the collection from Hellz…

A collection that conveys a classic story of vengeance while simultaneously exuding sensuality and ferocity. Drawing inspiration from revenge and exploitation films such as ‘Lady Snowblood’ and ‘Thriller,’ the collection makes use of a dark color palette to embody the mood and feel of both films. Black, white, and texture are prevalent throughout the collection and accentuate the unorthodox but innovative silhouettes with leather, trims and details. Pieces like the ‘Alice,’ a fitted blazer with exaggerated shoulders and back ruffle detail inspired by anti-heroines who display great strength and confidence while maintaining beauty and grace. Another interesting piece from the collection is the ‘Wonderland, ‘ a fine cotton jersey printed tunic with metal hooks and eye trims, that not only demonstrates the boldness and convention of film vixens, but the brand as a whole as well. A subtle color story, intelligent and experimental silhouettes and contrasting metal details culminate in an exhibition of daring feminine sexuality and confidence, truly proving that ‘The Rest Is Her Story.’

Visit Hellz at their website: What The Hellz

And their Twitter account to keep yourself in the instant know: Hellz on Twitter

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2 Responses to “Hellz Fall Delivery 1 2010: ‘The Rest Is Her Story’ Collection”

  1. C-Rocka says:

    Huge fan of these ladies work! The Lookbook is hard yet soft at the same time, the photos are just gorgeous. Cannot wait to purchase a thing or two from the collection!!

  2. denise says:

    I love these photos,everyone of them. My favorite is the second one with the black dress and the girl with short hair in the middle. That dress its very sexy.


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