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Fashion Meets Film: Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

I am craving something sweet. Most people crave chocolate cake or a box of over-glazed doughnuts. I, on the other hand, have some eye candy in mind. And what better place for a quick fix of that than the most famous candy shop in the world: Willy Wonka’s very own Chocolate Factory.

Candy Land! The colors are as good as they look.

Candy Land! The colors are as good as they look.

Since gold is the new black for this fall season, I grant all of you Golden Tickets to the Willy’s fashion show. Who’s Willy? Where have you been?! He’s only the world’s greatest candy maker, who after a short retirement has opened his doors to the public once again. The catch is that only a select few can make the cut. So kids across the world are trying to be one of the lucky five to snatch a Golden ticket. And my, how tasty they all look while doing it.

Everyone getting ready to go on the Wonka Adventure.

Everyone getting ready to go on the Wonka Adventure.

Mr. Gloop pulls of the posh school boy this is mother.

Mr. Gloop looks hungry.

Like candy, each one of these five children brings their own flavor with their fashion. Their fashion trends are sweet and sour, prissy and delightful, and either long-lasting or short-lived. I’ll start with my favorite life-size marshmallow, Augustus Gloop, a young glutton who sports the German schoolboy look with a napkin sewn into his pocket.


Violet being a navy blue brat.

Rolling up next is the chewing-gum-addicted Violet Beauregarde, who blows up big in a blueberry hued dress, an outfit that perfectly matches her violet skin tone.

The ladies look like a spoiled sour rainbow here.

The ladies look like a sour rainbow here.

Veruca looking like daddy's (spoiled) little girl in this number

Veruca looking actually sweet for a moment.

I love cinnamon candy because it has a kick to it, and Veruca Salt is that little candy firecracker. (Note her name and remember to take her with a grain of…) She’s a spoiled little brat who reeks of posh with a splash of mod, throwing tantrums in tweed and demanding her way in red dresses with lace collars.

Max TV looking like a pastel cowboy for TV.

Mike Teevee is a pastel cowboy for TV.

Mike TeeVee is a pastel cowboy with an egg-yolk yellow button up, dust- colored fringe and an Easter blue scarf to top his Billy the Kid look. While our hero Charlie Bucket, the sweetest boy of them all, takes the humble routine, looking dapper in a blue turtleneck and brown slacks.

Charlies being the sweet kid that he is.

Charlies being the sweet kid that he is.

Those bite-size eye candies known as the Oompa Loompa try to appear appetizing in their uniforms of white overalls, detailed with chocolate brown stripes. But their orange faces contrast painfully with that Jolly Rancher green hair.

The Oompas Loopmas making work look sweet!

The Oompas Loopmas making work look bitter sweet!

This tasty palate of sour patch kids, both cute and well-groomed, is full of flavor, but none of them are as mouth-wateringly sweet and original as Mr. Wonka himself. Years after the first release of Willy Wonka, a whole underground fashion scene emerged from his style. Men and woman wearing large brunt orange top hats, grape purple velvet penguin overcoats with taffy ruffled shirts, and flowers prints. And no outfit is ever complete without a cane; nothing says “King of Sweets” like a candy cane.

Mr. Wonka looking everlasting amazing

Mr. Wonka looking everlastingly handsome

The delectable fact is that this film has influenced mainstream fashion for decades. Some of the greats have named Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory their favorite and have pulled from it for inspiration. Now if only some amazing fashion designer could come up with an everlasting wardrobe.

Image layout courtesy of the very talented: Phaymiss!

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  1. Skim says:

    Um. Are you aware that the world’s first Willy Wonka store just opened, TODAY? It’s in the Toys R Us store in Times Square. Hello, how appropo.


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