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Dating Within Your Industry

MISS Dating Within Your Industry

I’ve been spending a lot of time at work, a lot of time with work people on the road, and a lot of time away from dating back in my stomping grounds. So, I started thinking about the idea of dating within my industry. Since I spend most of my time at work events and with fellow fashion people, it seems like if I’m going to meet anybody, it’s going to be there.  Since I’m not looking at people in my company, office, or physical workplace, it didn’t seem like dating within my industry counts as dipping in the workpot. Talking to lovers within the industry and those with theirs outside the industry, I gathered some collective thoughts on the situation:

–    Your significant other really gets what you’re going through. Beyond, “Oh I get it, you’re busy” but potentially, “I understand what market week is like and we’ll support each other through the craziness.”

–    Witnessing firsthand. I’m not suggesting keeping tabs on each other (but if that’s your deal, another pro), but if your cutie is terrific in their industry, you get to see that firsthand, and vice versa. And that’s pretty cool.

–    They’re around. This is particularly nice for road warriors since relationships + being on the road are tricky, especially that pesky time away from the boo.

–    Sharing notes. Perhaps you can’t get a buyer’s phone number or haven’t heard back on some issues you’ve sent emails about, but your lover can share some insight. Excellent.

–    Inclusion. It can be awesome to have him/her in your circle of work people, rollin’ to industry events together, and mixing some work and play.

–    Shop talk. It’s nice to have someone to relate to, but at some point you want to be away from work.

–    Jealousy. Sure, you’re not a jealous person. But when some girl is talking about how sweet and great your boo is, with a gleam in her eyes: ugh. Even if you write it off to she doesn’t know you’re together or your other half is flirty for work purposes or she’s reading it wrong, it’s tough to take.

–    They’re around. Sure, this person is great, but work and play and there they are. Again.

–    Potential competition. If you are salespeople or PR people, you’re likely going after the same clients, editors, tastemakers, etc. Attention and time are limited, and who wants to be vs. the beau when fighting for your piece of them?

–    People talk. Oh, you may not be in the same office, but you are in the same, very connected world. And that can get sticky.

What do you think? Have you been there, or are you contemplating it? Share your comments, questions, concerns, encouragement, or discouragement.

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