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Contest: Nautica Ocean2Ocean Campaign

NAUTICA contest

Beginning with Fall 2010, Nautica® unveils a new campaign, Ocean to Ocean, that features and celebrates life on our American coasts. The campaign focuses on real people, places and stories and will be a collage of both models in fall fashions and real people doing extraordinary things in their coastal communities. The Ocean to Ocean campaign will highlight the sailors, the kiteboard champions, the marine biologists, the families, the local hidden spots, the community events, the people and places that bring to life an everyday passion and deep connection to the water.

Created by the Nautica in-house advertising team, the new campaign, debuting for Fall 2010 and continuing through 2011, makes a strong statement about Nautica’s commitment to water and to the coastal communities that it serves. Ocean to Ocean will feature coastal communities from across the United States, from Seattle to Maine to the Gulf Coast and beyond by highlighting these inspiring regions and telling the stories of everyday people who embody the spirit of Nautica. The campaign emphasizes the life well-lived, connecting to  community, and raising families. Nautica plans to give back to the communities that it highlights in the campaign through Nautica sponsored activities, such as swim lessons for children in Seattle.

“We are launching the Ocean to Ocean campaign to create a stronger emotional connection with our consumers. We will be connecting with them off and online to generate a flow of conversation allowing our consumers to experience the brand in a new, engaging way,” said Karen Murray, President of Nautica. “We are committed to the oceans and part of that commitment is our corporate sponsorship of Oceana, a global conservation organization. The Ocean to Ocean campaign will help us to continue to communicate to our consumers the importance of the oceans to their individual lives and show them the real stories of people that are living and loving the coastal lifestyle.”

The first Ocean to Ocean campaign, shot in Bainbridge, WA (outside of Seattle) and San Francisco Bay, combines beautiful images of models Andrew Cooper and Jennifer Rose, photographed by Anders Overgaard, on the Seattle-Bainbridge Island Ferry and at Rosario Beach at Deception Pass State Park with images of our Seattle and San Francisco real people telling their own unique and engaging stories. The people of the American Northwest Coast, from San Francisco to Seattle, have a deep connection to water in their everyday lives. Some commute to work by ferry, live on their sailboats, become advocates for ocean conservation, or open sustainable seafood restaurants in their communities. In Seattle and San Francisco, we learn from and highlight the real stories of:

James Seely, a freshman at New York’s Saint Lawrence University, who works summers as a river guide and boatman on the Lower Salmon and Snake Rivers in Idaho, loves surfing and composing music.

Sam Seely, a senior at Santa Clara University and competitive rower, spends summers working as a boat handler in Bellevue, Washington and after college plans to travel.

Florian Graner, Ph.D., a marine biologist and cinematographer who lives with his family on an island in Puget Sound, WA, is an expert in a quiet diving technique called rebreathing, where air bubbles are not released into the water which allows him to approach and photograph sea life in a uniquely intimate style and is an active member and advocate of  S.E.A., a local environmental organization.

David McGuire, a captain, dive master, cinematographer, surfer, writer, and environmentalist who lives with wife Dr. Healy Hamilton in San Rafael, is founder of Sea Stewards, an organization that uses visual media and education to promote ocean health, bring attention to marine life, and further the cause of shark conservation.

Dr. Healy Hamilton, Head of the Center for Biodiversity Research and  Information at the California Academy of Science in San Francisco and wife of David McGuire, is passionate for the study of climate change, the balance of life above and below the ocean’s surface and is committed to the study and plight of seahorses.

Adam Correa, set off in June by himself with solar panels, a satellite phone to update his blog, his camera, and notes of encouragement from friends to sail to Hawaii and back to Sausalito marina where he docks his boat, one slip away from his girlfriend’s boat.

Chip Wasson, a kiteboarding icon living in Berkeley with wife Marcella and their three children, continues to evolve the sport and challenge his own abilities and founded his own kiteboarding gear company, Ultranectar.

The Nautica brand’s new campaign will connect in-store, social media, partnerships, public relations and advertising. The Ocean to Ocean campaign will launch with a collage image in the October issues of Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure magazines. The ongoing campaign will feature multi-page units, such as spreads and gatefolds, in select fashion and lifestyle publications, targeted and unique/non-traditional out-of-home displays as well as an extensive digital campaign/extension/ experiences. Nautica is teaming up with Travel + Leisure and Food & Wine magazines on an integrated marketing campaign and an interactive contest that launches on September 15th. Nautica will select up to four (4) finalists—real people to feature in a custom advertorial where their real stories and personal definition of the American Coastal Lifestyle will be portrayed in the May 2011 issue of Travel + Leisure.

In addition to the print campaign, a dedicated microsite, will highlight videos, stories and insights into coastal regions around the country and the people, traditions and places that inspire Nautica. The digital component will seamlessly utilize all Nautica online assets –,, Nautica360Blog, social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr) to develop a comprehensive story for Ocean to Ocean. The digital campaign will run across both Yahoo and Google’s extensive ad networks. The microsite will launch with 5 videos from Seattle and San Francisco filmed by Geoff Ryan, must “sea” places along the way, the inspiration behind the community, gear to take with you, and diaries/journals.

To support the campaign, Nautica staff in the Seattle, WA and Milpitas, CA stores will be wearing a limited edition Ocean to Ocean t-shirt to promote the new campaign and both stores will also have exciting window displays that spotlight the campaign. In September at the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal in Seattle, coffee sleeves will have the Ocean to Ocean campaign logo and Nautica employees will distribute umbrellas designed with a special hangtag to all commuters. The Seattle real people videos will also air on the ferry screens to and from Bainbridge Island, outside of Seattle.

As coastal regions across America are the inspiration for the Ocean to Ocean campaign and the Gulf coast will be a stop on the tour, Nautica wanted to give back to the area that had been adversely affected by the oil spill. In August, Nautica joined with Oceana in Gulfport, MS to donate $100,000 to support the organization’s Oceana Latitude Gulf Expedition to analyze the magnitude of the oil spill and its effect on sensitive habitats and marine species. Along with its recent support for Oceana’s at-sea expedition, the Nautica brand’s commitment to water and to the mission of Oceana is expressed through a variety of company initiatives and product categories. Its ocean-themed cause-marketing platform also includes advertising, social networking, retail and sponsored events, in-store displays, international communication initiatives and a World Oceans Day Celebration on June 8. In addition, Nautica and Oceana have combined efforts during Nautica sponsored events, including its triathlons in South Beach, New York City and Malibu.

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