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Design Insider: Bedroom Block Party

In the northern hemisphere, the beginning of September is something like going back to work after an amazing vacation. The reality that summer has ended sets in pretty quickly, and before you know it, tan lines, roof top jams and banana lounges seem like a dream someone once told you about. But just because summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean the party has to. As the temperature drops, take ‘Back to mine!’ to a new high by throwing your very own bedroom block party!

Bedroom Block Party

  1. The Perfect Mixtape
    Anyone can tell you that you need great tunes to throw a decent block party. Get the perfect party mix with the Stacks print by Mark Drew (available from Stupid Krap).
  2. Dark Rum
    Don’t let the scent of summer disappear completely – a Dark Rum candle by Malin + Goetz will keep your room smelling like an endless summer (available from Malin + Goetz).
  3. Street Maintenance
    Never underestimate the importance of a tidy block. Make sure no one stomps muck into your bangin’ boudoir by laying out this manhole cover door mat (available from Urban Outfitters).
  4. Lunch In Bed
    Find a new use for your old picnic basket. During the colder months when your picnic basket won’t be getting much of a workout, try using it as a bedside table instead. It’ll give you extra storage and won’t cost a cent.
  5. Decked Out
    You don’t need to go outside this winter to spend time in the garden. Turn your bedroom into a green house with a Penguin Books ‘The Garden Party’ deck chair (available from Crocus).
  6. Build Your Block
    To throw the mother of all block party, you need the perfect block! These Build Your Block pillows by Patrick Chirico are perfect – inspired by the delis, brownstones and abandoned buildings of downtown NYC (available from Build Your Block).
  7. Smokin’ Grass
    Can’t wait to spread out on the grass in the sun? Don’t wait another second with a grass green HAMPEN rug (available from IKEA).
  8. Birds Who Won’t Fly South
    No block party would be complete without a flock of pigeons! Available in yellow, orange, pink, white, grey and black, these stylish little creatures by Ed Carpenter won’t even leave a mess (available from Theo).
  9. House Party
    You’ve got to be a local if you wanna throw the perfect block party. And to be a local, you’ve got to live on the block. Dream up your dream home with a brownstone quilt cover by Spacecraft.
  10. The Last Drop
    Can’t get that perfect sky-blue day of drinking wine in the sun off your mind? Relive it everyday of winter – recycle your left over vino bottles by turning them into candle holders and vases.
  11. Summer and the City
    What would summer be without fire hydrants, parking meters and rats? Bring the city inside with City Park wallpaper designed by Dan Funderburgh (available from Flavor Paper).

Chase the endless summer by throwing your own bedroom block party and keep the winter blues away. Before you know it, it’ll be time to get out your bikini and party all over again!

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3 Responses to “Design Insider: Bedroom Block Party”

  1. Kimberley says:

    Excellent advice Cheech !!!!

  2. Sherlock says:

    Decked out indoors! love it Cheech!

  3. reece says:

    wow, love it, wish i was northern bound


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