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A Tomboy’s Tips to Fall


Well ladies, the unofficial last day of summer has passed so now its time to look toward our chilly future. Personally, I think fall is the best season of all. Its not too hot and not too cold. Long sleeves are just enough, but you don’t look like an ass in short sleeves or a jacket. One thing is for sure, its the bestseason for fashion. Cardigans, crewnecks, jackets, boots, and oxfords galore!

This weekend I started thinking of my new fall wardrobe. New York Fashion Week is among up and designers are dropping their new collections. That means its time for me to get my fall look together. This year I plan to stick to the up-and-coming when it comes to designers. I think its time labels took a backseat. The rich and dreamless are continuously getting paid while the dreamers are broke with a closet full of hotness. I’ll update you guys when I get my list together.

Although the names of my tags may change, my overall style doesn’t. I’m no Vogue or anything, but I know what I like and what works for me. Here are my personal tips to staying tomboy fly in the fall:

1. Obey the baggy : fitted ratio.I see a lot of chick violate this during fall. There has to be a balance between your baggy pieces and fitted ones. If you have on an over-sized crewneck or chambray shirt you cannot have on harem pants. You look like you’re walking around in a deflated balloon. Please, change your outfit.

2. Accessorize in moderation.I know that when you aren’t the girliest of ladies when it comes to clothing its easy to accidentally over-do things in other areas. Accessories are one such area. If you’re in your boo’s tee and a pair of leggings a simple watch and sunglasses are enough. I don’t need you to look like Mr. T’s jewelry box exploded in your proximity. Thanks.

3. Shoes seal the deal. I love sneakers with all my being. They are my first love. Now, as I grow up I have become quite fond of oxfords, boots (Doc Marten, not knee high), and simple shoes like Toms.

4. Nails done, hair done.I don’t care what you’re wearing. You can look like you just rolled out of Amy Winehouse’s beehive. Just keep in mind that if your hair and nails are well put together, you wont look as ragged. Trust. A brush, mousse, and my favorite Chanel nail lacquer has gotten me through many days. Its an illusion. If your hair and nails are done people will think you meant to put that outfit together.

5. You’re still a lady (in men’s clothing).The most important of all tips to to remember that you’re still a lady. If you keep that in mind, you cant fail. I hate wearing ‘girl clothes.’ I’m just not into dresses, flowers, glitter, and lace. Ick! Even on my most tomboy days I still make sure to play into my good parts (my tush specifically) and deflect from my bad ones.  You’re a girl. A hot girl. Make these fellas pay attention, even if you two are wearing the same shirt!

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  1. #4 is true for just about everything. yes. :)

  2. JanaNye says:

    Ok! Whats up with all the weird commentary?


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