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What to do in DC: Mercedies Bien

Some of the vintage jewelry available at Mercedes Bien

Some of the vintage accessories available at Mercedes Bien

Sure, having the latest trendy whatchamacalits is all fine and dandy, but sometimes you just need something super old, rare, and unique.  Something…vintage. There are more than a handful of vintage thrift stores in DC (and a few outside of DC as well), and one of the stores quickly making a name for itself these days is Mercedes Bien.  Walking into Mercedes Bien is like walking into your super cool grandmas closet, minus the pervasive moth ball smell.  Each piece that litters the store has been carefully handpicked by Mercedes herself, and she’s got an impeccable eye for vintage style.  No particular time period dominates over the others; items span a range from the 40s all the way up to the 80s.  Of particular note is the huge variety  of  belts and glasses.  Belts are typically hard to come by in vintage stores, but Mercedes has dedicated an entire folding screen covered in them, and there are drawers upon drawers full of funky, elegant, glasses frames.

The only problem with Mercedes Bien?  The extremely inconvenient business hours.  The place is only open on Saturday and Sunday from 12-6 and 12-5 respectively, but if on the off chance you can make it in you’re sure to walk out with something you like.

Mercedes Bien
2423 18th St NW
2nd Fl

, DC 20009

Layouts: Ashley

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