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Skimkim Yummies: Ginger Tea

SKYBeetRabi81810 Take a look at this honkin’ bowl of beautiousness. This is last week’s marketfresh Skimchee, BeetRabi. I picked up some gorgeous Chioggia Beets and Purple & White Kohlrabi at Union Square et voila! My best concoction to date. As many of you already know, kimchee has been making news all over the U.S. recently. One could say, Korean food as a whole has been. Well, I’ve been eating this stuff since I could chew whole food so this is not news to me. At the pig roast the other weekend, my white aunt reminded everyone how we used to have two glasses at the table, one for milk and one for kimchee washing water. I make tons of Skimchee (my version, duh) every week and I always have veggie trash. You can save veggie trash for composting or stocks. One thing I like to do with my ginger scraps is make tea. I have my fav Iced Tea holder full of it all summer. I use coffee filters and rubberbands, that’s it. Take about 1/4 cup of scraps and place them in the unfolded coffee filter. Wrap the filter tightly and seal with two rubberbands. I put one “teabag” into a big pot of water, the size you use to make a whole box of pasta. Bring to a boil. Turn heat off. Let sit uncovered until it’s room temperature. Place in your iced tea container, water bottle, or whatever you’re going to use to refrigerate. I have ginger tea and agave in my Klean Kanteen water bottle all day. It’s a whole lot better for you than Hardee’s Sweet Tea. Check out all these glorious health benefits for ginger. I have IBS so it has calmed my stomach quite a bit. It’s great for migraines, tummy issues, circulation, colds, and even morning sickness. Some say it prevents cancer…


Note: Lafayette Espresso Bar & Marketplace in Nolita, NYC is now serving Skimkim Foods! Go check it out!

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