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Reading Rendezvous: The Stormchasers by Jenna Blum

Reading Rendezvous: <em> The Stormchasers </em> by Jenna Blum

Jenna Blum’s novel The Stormchasers : A Novel is a heartbreaking story of family and love. As we follow Karena on a search for love and her brother, Charles, Charles is plagued with bi-polar disorder and a chronic need to follow danger. Charles and Karena are twins who haven’t seen each other in 20 years due to his illness. Karena constantly checks stormchaser websites to look for updates her brother has submitted. She has hired countless investigators to search for her brother, yet the she have come up empty. Following a call from a hospital Karena rushes to her brother’s side; yet when she arrives he is gone. In a last ditch effort Karen decides to follow stormchasers in hopes of finding her brother.

Blum focuses on the human relationship and the boding between siblings especially twins. Karena and Charles are linked more than ever in what they call their twindar and they haven’t seen each other in 20 years. Following a horrible accident Karena chooses to follow her own path and separate from her bi-polar brother. Yet this accident plagues them both forcing themselves to not only confront the situation but each other. Along the trial of redemption each sibling is confronted with their own obstacles. As Karena follows the stormchasers she is forced to confront her past in order to learn to love and trust again. Charles must confront the evils of his disease and its effects on his life.

But I’m going to prove there’s a link between storms that rapid-cycle and ones that produce tornadoes, because I’m a rapid cycler myself . In fact I am the closet thing a human can be to a storm…

As we follow Karena and Charles it becomes evident that Human emotion is controlled throughout this novel. Jenna Blum has an innate ability to link the human condition with the intensity of a disorder. Not only that but it is evident that these emotions can be linked with the upheaval that is brought on by tornadoes and storms.

This novel is infused with beauty, love, devotion, agony, and so much more. Blum’s ability to examine the human condition is exemplary. In conjunction with this heart-breaking story the portrayal of bi-polar disorder and the effects it has not only on the individual but their whole family. The Stormchasers: A Novel is a moving and heart breaking story that every person should read and learn about the human condition. As we follow Karena into tornado alley emotions fly as quickly as a storm, enticing the reader to get involved, while we witness the fearless and heart-breaking actions of Karena.

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