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Photo of the Week: Peter Parker 513 by Loni Schick

1. Where was the photo taken?

In a back alley, just off Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles

2. What were you thinking before you shot the photo?

I had a more posed shot in mind but we were having a really in depth conversation about the current state of hip hop music so an animated shot almost became unavoidable. He started free-styling these incredibly intelligent lines, so much that I could personally relate to.

3. What were you thinking after?

“Why isn’t this guy famous?”

4. what do you like about the picture?

Peter was free-styling in this shot so his hand gestures are completely natural.

5. What camera did you use?

Nikon D80

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2 Responses to “Photo of the Week: Peter Parker 513 by Loni Schick”

  1. artland says:

    Where is the photo?

  2. peter parker says:

    thanks again loni your help means alot to me. pls facebook


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