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Photo of the Week: Cotton Candy City by Rebecca McDonald

Where was the photo taken?

Long Island City, Queens, NY 07.22.10

What were you thinking before you shot this image?

Before I shot this photo of the New York City skyline, I was thinkin about how good I feel to be in New York, and to be chasing my dreams!

What were you thinking after?

After I shot this photo, I told my homies Maria Isa and Eddie Sancho (whom I was shooting for a feature interview on my website) that I need to shoot more landscapes. I mostly shoot people, but the new landscapes (both figurative and literal) in New York have inspired me to expand my lens into uncharted territory.

What do you like about the picture?

This image captures the New York sunset as I saw it, and is especially interesting because of the significance of the sky to me as a child. I was always fascinated with the sky, looking up and pointing out various animals and shapes. On my first airplane ride at the age of 8, we flew through the pink-colored fortress-like cloud formation. I called it “cotton candy-city.” With my commute to and from Minneapolis and New York, I still feel the youthful excitement of new journeys ahead, and am honored to be able capture and share a slice of the world as I see it, through my work as a photographer, videographer and journalist. The sky is the limit.

What camera did you use to take the picture?

The image “Cotton Candy City” was shot with the Canon 7D.

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