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My Latest Obsession: Sunday Brunch

My Latest Obsession: Sunday Brunch

My Latest Obsession: Sunday Brunch

What is it about Sunday brunch that is so appealing? Are we so hungover/tired/starving for comfort food that we wait until the end of the week to indulge, almost like we’ve all got some karmic food points that we cash in before we start a new week? Whatever the draw is for Sunday brunch, I am always game for finding the ideal spot to sit and chat with friends, or spending some quality me time with a book, or catching up on some classic San Francisco people watching. There’s no shortage of delicious choices for brunch here in The City and sure, some of these places are where everyone else goes (you’ve probably been there yourself!), but these are places I’ve visited over the last couple of weeks.

Outerlands (Outer Sunset): I know the Outer Sunset isn’t high on many people’s lists of places to visit, especially for brunch, but this little gem a stone’s throw away from Ocean Beach is well worth the trip on the N Judah. Their levain toast is incredible and made fresh daily, so it goes without saying that anything you order on the menu that includes it is going to be amazing. The french toast is a great blend of sweet and spice (the bread is soaked in orange and cinnamon) and can be eaten with or without maple syrup (I’m a big fan of sweet, so that’s never an option). If you’re not a fan of sweet, you can go with a tasty savory option, eggs in jail, which comes with a delicious slice of bacon. Pair either of those with a cup of coffee, latte or the spiced ginger lemon apple cider and you’re off to a delicious Sunday morning.

Mama’s (North Beach): You’re going to have to wait in line no matter when you show up at this North Beach standard. The last time I went here, one of my brilliant friends decided to make mimosas for everyone in the group to make the time go by faster. Just like a ride at Disneyland, once you make it inside, you still have to wait to order your food, but the wait is well worth it. If you’re a sweet fan like me, the chocolate cinnamon french toast is definitely the way to go. There’s fresh fruit to help cut the chocolate, and the slices of bread are thin enough for you to eat everything and not feel like you were going to explode. I’ve also had the dungeness crab benedict, which was incredible. They didn’t skimp on the crab and everything was very fresh. The eggs were perfectly cooked as well. Sure, you gotta stand in line, but you’ll bond with fellow brunch goers who are just as hungry as you. You can also wave at the tourist buses that drive by if you get bored.

Bar Tartine (The Mission): The key to enjoying brunch here is to make reservations. Recently, I had a reservation at 12:30 and they were telling people that they weren’t going to have tables ready for the general public until 2:00 pm. Even if you’re there for brunch, do yourself a favor and make sure that you order the stuffed dates. As much as I am a fan of anything sweet, whenever I come to Bar Tartine, I end up ordering something savory. I’ve had the biscuits and gravy, the pork hash and the porkbelly sandwich. They’re known for their meat selections here, so be bold and order something you might not get in another restaurant.

Zazie (Cole Valley): This French Bistro in the heart of Cole Valley ranks as a standard with me because of the backyard patio that makes it the perfect spot to enjoy the SF sun (when it is actually out). I love the sweets here, especially the gingerbread pancakes and the french toast tahiti (it comes topped with caramelized bananas and walnuts). They also have a wide range of mimosas that should be standard with any brunch meal. Cheers!

Until next week (and my next  obsession)!

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