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My Latest Obsession: Mad Men

My Latest Obsession: Mad Men

My Latest Obsession: Mad Men

Every summer, I look forward to a two things: my birthday and the return of Mad Men. I have a tradition with one of my best girlfriends that we get together every Sunday with a bunch of our friends and we watch the show, have dinner and sip wine. Currently, we don’t dress up to watch the show (although how awesome would that be), but it’s a great way to end the week and settle into a show that I have been obsessed with for the four seasons it has been on AMC.

What is there to say about Mad Men that hasn’t already been said? The writing is amazing; the acting incredible; the creation of the world of Madison Avenue in the early 60s in impeccable; and I’d kill for the wardrobe, shoes and hair. Just as I would pick Breakfast at Tiffany’s if I had to pick a movie to live within, I’d pick Mad Men if I had to live within a TV show. I want the furniture, the parties, the clothes, the makeup, the jewelry, the societal politeness/etiquette, the music, the cars, the language, even living without my computer. How’s that for an obsession?

All of the accolades aside, my love of the show stems from the details. The sets and wardrobes are just as much a character in the show as Don, Betty, Peggy and Joan are. I used to work in Marketing for an interior architect, so set design, fabrics, color choices are as natural for me to look at and pay attention to it as it would be for Peggy to pen a tagline. Who wouldn’t want to go to work in the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce offices (especially Roger’s office)? I love the color of Joan’s apartment and her tiny little kitchen. I appreciated the presence of the vintage Dr. Pepper (my favorite soda) machine in the hospital waiting room last season. I would have loved to have gone shopping in the department stores of 5th Avenue and gone to look for requisite gloves and hats that just aren’t worn today. I have even noticed that the cocktail glasses in Don’s office during season two, the Nativity Scene in Anna’s home in California and the coffee percolator in Don’s apartment are all items that were in my home growing up. That kind of authenticity just makes me love the show that much more.

I’m not alone in my obsession. Some very creative people have created twitter accounts that enable the characters to “live” beyond the seasons that pass all too quickly. My favorite is the copier at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Who doesn’t want to know how a Xerox machine looks at the world, especially one from 1964, when they took up half a room?! These accounts are taken so seriously that they have even held contests to determine who takes them over. Last year, Don Draper’s account was up for grabs, and if you could nail how Don would think and react in the world, you could take over tweeting the account for one year. AMC has always done a fantastic job of promoting the show without it being repetitious or boring. This year they have a new iPhone app and you can MadMen yourself to get a little farther into the fabulous world that is Mad Men. They’re even having a casting call contest, with the prize being a walk-on role on the show.

So, what are you waiting for?! Unleash your inner Don, Roger, Betty, Joan or Peggy!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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