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My Latest Obession: The Perfect Eyeliner

My Latest Obsession: Eyeliners

My Latest Obsession: Eyeliners

This week, I’m obsessed with eyeliners. I love big, dramatic eyes and they’re probably the first thing I notice on someone, after their smile. I’ve got Asian/slightly almond-shaped eyes, so I’m big on anything that will make them pop and accent their shape. If I’m just lining my upper lid, I’m a total pro and have spent enough time in front of the mirror over the years to know what kind of cat-eye looks good on me, or what colors I need to use to make my brown eyes sparkle; but it’s a whole different story if I want to line my inner eyelid (more on that later).

For years I wore liquid eyeliner, but switched over to gel liners after being introduced to Bobbi Brown‘s line (honestly, I got tired of waiting for the liquid to dry and have given myself crazy lines on my upper lid more times than I care to admit). Brown’s gel liner is easy to apply, doesn’t pull on your upper lid and stays on for hours and hours. When I do feel like wearing a pencil, for everyday, I really like Revlon’s Colorstay pencil. I discovered these little beauts when I was unemployed last year and Walgreen’s was having a BOGO half off sale. The plum, black and charcoal are must haves and for such a tiny price, these pencils pack quite a punch. For dinner dates, special occasions, or when I want a little extra glam, I love Chanel’s Stylo Yeux and MAC’s Technakohl liners. The colors are rich and intense and when I have used them on my upper lid, have never failed me (I do have friends that swear by both of them for smokey eyes as well, so don’t be put off by my upper lid only endorsement).

So, here’s the deal. Wearing color on my upper lid is all fine and dandy, but, like I said before, I love dramatic eyes. So, that means a big, beautiful smokey eye. However, this look has always been a little elusive to me because no matter what liner I use, it always runs and ends up on my face. I’ve asked I don’t know how many sales clerks, from drug stores to high end cosmetics counters for the perfect eyeliner that wasn’t going to make me look like a raccoon within an hour after applying. I have friends who are makeup consumers and artists and they all have said the same thing, “just make sure you powder under your eye and you should be good.” I have powdered, repowdered, powdered again; I’ve put extra primer right under my lashline; I’ve reapplied and tried to make the smudge work for me. But, it just doesn’t work. My smokey eye inevitably ends up looking like a got a punch in the face, or had a wild night (before it even starts) about one hour after application. ARGH!!

No offense to the rest of the world who can line their inner eyes and not have it run all over their face, but Asian eyes are special. We can’t wear eyeliners in the same way that the rest of the world can. I’m half Japanese and no matter how hard I have tried over the years to get the perfect smokey eye, or just be able to line the inside of my eyes without it getting all over the place, I am inevitably disappointed. So, the last time I walked into Sephora, I refused to leave until I found the proper eyeliner to not only stay inside my lid, but stay there all day. Not so much to ask for, right? After begging just about every salesclerk at the Sephora store in the Stonestown Galleria to help me, I was directed to a wonderful gal who was actually Asian and completely understood what I was going through. She walked me through a variety of products and assured me that I wasn’t crazy for wishing for a pencil/gel/something/anything that wasn’t going to fail me. She directed me to Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Black liner. I figured it was worth a shot (after all, I’ve tried everything else, why not this) and took it up to the counter.

I cannot tell you how in LOVE I am with this product. It’s easy to put on, dries quickly and does not end up all over your face. In the two weeks that I’ve had this product, I have put it through the wringer and various tests. It’s stayed on during parties where circulation has been minimal (read sweaty), stayed on all day when I was walking around in the heat and then went into an air-conditioned climate and it has even stayed on after a 45 minute workout and subsequent shower. I can’t think of much else that I could put this liner through and not have it pass with flying colors. So, if you’re Asian like me and have always wanted an eyeliner that was going to work for them, or if you’re a makeup maven who wants another liner to play with, please, please, please check this liner out. I literally cannot say enough wonderful things about it. Your eyes will thank me!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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  1. I will check this out! Make Up For Ever is legit. I had a makeup artist use it on me for a shoot, and everything I’ve tried since is good. Glad to know their liner is good, too- I looooove me a dramatic eye! :)


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