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Mirror, Mirror: Mama/Tiny Dancer Edition #1

Mirror, Mirror Mother Daughter Edition #1

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a Mirror, Mirror post and I will confess, I was feeling a bit self-conscious about my body because I was pregnant.  Now, lot’s of people tell you that you look great when you’re pregnant but, I didn’t feel like I looked great.  I’m almost 4’11” and weighed 97 pounds before I got pregnant so gaining almost 40 pounds during my pregnancy didn’t make me feel like I looked “good”. 

About a month ago, we had a family outing and it was the first time in a while that I had to get dolled up so I thought it would be a good occasion to share. Oh, and of course, now that there’s a tiny dancer in the picture, I’ll be including her as well.  Enjoy the first of Mother/Daughter editions of Mirror, Mirror

Tiny Dancer:
Dress: Ralph Lauren Layette
Socks: Mary Jane tromp l’oeil socks Trumpette Too

Flower in Hair: Old Navy
Sundress: Cotton Jersey Sundress, Old Navy
Bracelet: Cubannie Links
Shoes: Steve Madden
“Diaper” Bag: Louis Vuitton, Monogram Neverfull GM

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4 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror: Mama/Tiny Dancer Edition #1”

  1. Sharon says:

    Love baby arms! :)
    You’re a doll regardless. MAMA POWER! haha

  2. yay for Mirror, Mirror and yay for the Tiny Dancer inclusion!

  3. Gee Gee says:

    Tiny Dancer got swagger!!

  4. Gabriella GDK says:

    haha, thanks gee!


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