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M.I.S.S. Muses: Customer Service

MISS MUSES Customer Service

Last week, one of my tradeshow stops was Chicago. Sometimes being on the road can be uncomfortable, less than desirable, or straight up gross. Staying at theWit hotel in downtown Chicago was definitely none of those. First, this hotel is nice. I’m talking about boutique-style hotel, great location, beds you really want to stay in, killer city views, hot spot bars and restaurants in the hotel, spa, gym, etc. etc. etc. This place knows what it means to be an excellent hotel.

But I’m not writing to tell you about hotel amenities. It was the people working at theWit who made the stay so great. Let me break it down:

1) While I went to pick up some show supplies, my friend relaxed in my room and waited for me to go to dinner. During this time, my hotel room door was opened and moments later shut. My friend thought it was me, but shortly after this the phone rang and the front desk was on the other end apologizing. Turns out there was a mixup in bookings over our room that was resolved right after the door was shut and the other people returned to the front desk. The hotel representative asked if there was anything we wanted to make up for the “problem.” My friend barely noticed what had happened, but happily accepted $50 to dine in the hotel.

2) After dinner, a bottle of champagne arrived at my room with a note. The delivery man carried in the chilled bottle while telling me it was on the hotel. When I went to look at the note, I found it was not addressed to me. So, we called the front desk to let them know the mistake, finding that the champagne was ordered earlier in the day for the couple who were mistakenly booked in my room. Again, the front desk apologized profusely for this issue that didn’t really bother me and insisted I keep the champagne.

3) I ended up swapping the champagne for water (I know, but I was tired, already had drinks, and couldn’t enjoy the bottle at the time). When I called the front desk a little bit later to ask about the business center, the front desk girl asked how she could take care of us. I had no idea. She asked if we were going to have breakfast in the morning, I said I was considering it, so she insisted on comping in room breakfast! So, as I got  ready the next morning, breakfast was delivered warm, yummy, and free.

Clearly I was taken care of on all of the above. But in my opinion, the things the hotel representatives were “making up for” weren’t so bad. Sure, not perfect, but I wouldn’t have thrown a fit had they not gone above and beyond to appease me. The key is they didn’t even give me a chance to become upset. They squashed the problems before I had any time to stew on them or complain. And while there were other small issues that arose during my stay, thinking about how the staff took care of me from the start caused me to look past it all and not even remember the frustrations. I was so impressed by how I was treated I even stopped to reflect on how I handle people and customers.

Lesson learned: it’s how you leave people feeling. No matter what mistakes are made or circumstances arise, we most clearly remember the feeling we’re left with. It’s in our power and choice how we leave others. Here’s to leaving the people in our lives with positive feelings to take and pass on.

Image Layout: the wonderful StephanieD on her last M.I.S.S. Muses post before heading back to school! <3

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  1. artiffact artiffact says:

    Free breakfast and bubbly is what I call lucky! Cheers to those who put the customer first!


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