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M.I.S.S. Muses: Clear Vision

M.I.S.S. Muses: Clear Vision

Last week I was in Las Vegas selling some awesome product with my brands. One of them, Iron Fist, showed at the MAGIC show in all of their tradeshow booth glory. As always, the brand brought their presentation A-game, this time with a Hollywood themed booth showcasing the Spring/Summer 2011 collection, amazing marketing images for the upcoming season, and The Proper Barbershop guys offering trims.

During the show and continuing days after, people I talked to complimented the Iron Fist booth. They commented on how awesome it looked. They said the company must be doing well. They mentioned that we must have lots of money to put together such a booth. I heard many kudos and words of admiration for the brand, as well as many assumptions of baller status.

Yes, Iron Fist is awesome and the company is doing well. But not without trials, struggles, money concerns, and growing pains. There has been no simple path, Cinderella story, or easy billionaire backer. The company is independent, evolving, each day slammed with everyone pitching in to keep it thriving. None of us are super rich or kicking back.

But since the beginning, and every step of the way, the guys behind the brand have stayed true to their vision and let that shine in all they do. It hasn’t always been accepted or welcome, but they have been 100% in what they stand for and how they present it. It’s not an easy feat putting yourself out there and standing behind ideas in a world not readily offering agreement. Iron Fist sees their ideas through and never hides.

It was amazing to look at the booth and see the brand represent. It was neat to hear others so impressed. It was inspiring to realize Iron Fist is executing such an awesome image and the hard work going into making it happen shows. It was inspiring that this isn’t coming from a corporate juggernaut, but instead, from two friends who started something and are seeing it through. Two guys with heart that have kept going, kept being them, and kept to their vision.

To all those with a vision, get really clear on it, and make it clear to the world.

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