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M.I.S.S. Muses: Be You


Have you ever had a theme just come up in your life? Like everywhere you look, it’s there? And of course, once you take notice, you see it even more.

The current theme in my life has been “be you.” Everywhere I turn, someone is reminding me to do just that in some way or another. From who I work with, the lessons I’m learning in evaluating new clients, what I shop for, who I talk to, where I go, what I see, it’s everywhere.

I started hearing the theme recently when I talked to author (and new role model) Roxana Shirazi last week. She has written an unapologetic and explicit book revealing parts of her life, and I got to ask her questions I was curious about after reading it. As we talked, I found Roxana not just to be an incredibly intelligent and a captivating person, but also comfortable in her own skin. We discussed corsets as a style staple, partying with rockstars, relationships, and writing. I realized what I love so much about her is she is true to herself in all that she does. Roxana has very diverse sides to her self, but I heard confidence in her sense of self no matter what the situation and time call for. Roxana mentioned that others who have interviewed her about her book have been more judgmental and not as accepting as I was during our conversation, which is telling of how the publishing world, press, and public at large may view and treat her. But even though it may be hard to be viewed as a deviant, dwell with friends in underground subcultures, and be proud to not be the accepted norm, she oozes trueness to self as she continues to learn more about who that is.

My conversation with Roxana lingered with me for days. I felt so inspired to be me even when my world doesn’t provide much agreement. As I was approached about a new business deal the day after my interview with Roxana, in the back of my mind was the idea to not have to change myself for this, or anything else. As I evaluated the proposal and potential at hand, I kept thinking about if working with this new client was representative of and fitting of me as a person, as a salesperson, and as a business. After weighing options and discussing the idea with several people, I woke up one morning thinking “this isn’t me.” I passed on the opportunity. I know I could do a great job with it, I like the potential and what I heard, but as I grow a business and continue my path, I want to keep a vision in mind and be me in every bit of it. It’s hard to pass up money, but I feel great about the choice as it came from the real me.

Being you and being me is not always easy. But really, it’s all we can really do. It may change with situations, days, or even seconds. In the end, there is something deep inside that always indicates if our true self is being acknowledged. Rather than quiet or cover up the person you are, listen to her and make sure she is expressed in a way that works for you. Be you, and love every moment of it.

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