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How To…Complain About Your Beau Or Belle


How much information is too much to tell your friends regarding your relationship? Some women and men as well do not have any qualms about spilling the beans about what their mate has done wrong; or on a good day, what he or she did to put a smile on their face. I have girlfriends who dish about their men’s on again off again’s sordid ways; more often it’s their lack of consideration that makes the headlines. Those same girlfriends also boast about how well their beau is treating them; the champagne, rose petals and listening ear are clear indicators.

I get it; some times you feel as if you are ready to explode! What better way to let out some steam than to tell your friends about how your man made some insensitive comments or how your girl doesn’t spend enough time with you? I’m now quite choosy about the negative information I say about my boyfriend. You have to bear in mind that if you complain too much, your friends or whomever you dish to will end up disliking your significant other. I’ve seen this happen several times. If you know that the situation is bearable and you inevitably will forgive the transgressor, it would be best to keep it to yourself.

Furthermore, I think it’s safe to say that no one is fond of the idea of our significant other complaining about us behind our back, but such behavior is inevitable. Is it wrong for me to say to keep that what is said to your friends on the low? I’m not saying to lie if your beau asks you if you shared a lil’ of the drama, but don’t come home telling him what Ashley or Sara and especially not David said about what he did. Guys and girls, according to various studies and informal conversations, have a bit of a problem with their significant others having friends of the opposite sex and/or that they could be attracted to.

Now that I think about it, I think the same can be said about telling your other half about your friends business. You tell your man that Shenene cheated on her man, and he now views her as a lil’ loose, whereas you know the circumstances and the type of person she is and wouldn’t yet brand her as such. So, I think the moral of the story is not to gossip. Period. But then again, it’s good to have support from your pals…Ok, it all comes down to what you share and with whom you share it!

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