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Clubbing, Just Not For Me



Clubbing is an activity most people yearn to do when they are underage. I remember being 17 and excited about my 18th birthday because that would mean my mother would finally let me do what many people my age had already been doing for a couple of years. Oh clubbing, now I see it more like a room bustling with sweaty people, some of whom can’t follow a beat, some of whom think that bending over and wiggling their touch’ on someone is dancing and some who are aficionados of PDA. Good times. Not.

For the sake of memory lane, which is a road I haven’t ridden in a while, here are my top 3 worst clubbing experiences.

1) Going to what I thought was a club but really a vampire lair. Well, it looked like one, and the music wasn’t great and some guy tried to hit on me by saying I was hitting on him. I remember the disappointment; I had really wanted to dance, to hear some good hip hop and groove to some sweet music. All I got was said man trying to dance with on me.

2) A man grabbed me quite inappropriately below the belt. Granted I was wearing a tight leopard print dress, but it was a long dress and hell, since when does having funky style mean you’re open for business.

3) The Kid Cudi concert at a fancy club [racist] club in Montreal. Long story short, I spent over two hours waiting in the rain to get in whereas I had already bought my ticket & watched the bouncers let in non-ethic looking women that had arrived after me. I finally got in by demanding the owner to refund my ticket. Once inside, Kid Cudi bragged about how high he was, the crowd was unruly and pushed [me] just to be closer to him and also pulled my hair in the process. Lastly, I filed a complaint against the club, and was bribed with a free dinner for 4. I declined.

So, my experiences haven’t been great. I just don’t like clubbing, but since I don’t want to devote an entire post to an activity I don’t like à la youtube commentors who go on a video just to say how much they dislike it, I’ll make this post a lil’ informative.

Here’s some advice. Do all your friends like clubbing and you don’t? Are you getting older and no longer view clubbing as an option? No, I will not tell you to call Maury. Stay home would be the easy answer,  but I’ll go a bit more in depth. Do something with your friends in the day time or in the evening and head home once the clubbing bug kicks in. It isn’t contagious enough for you to want to stay, though. You could also investigate and find some worthy clubs that cater to your taste. I am yet to do so, since I’m a self-proclaimed granny and get sleepy at 9 pm (Blame my crazy work schedule that requires me to wake up at 5 am), but I am sure you’ll have a blast doing so. Bring some of your adventurous along for the ride, if anything it’ll make for some interesting memories.

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