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Class is Back in Session

Kanye West

He’s dropped out of college, he re-enrolled and registered late, he finally graduated. Whats next for the Louis Vuitton Don? The last we heard from Kanye West was him making an ass of himself and embarrassing the poo out of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The guy was clearly off his rocker and finally had a reason to take a long overdue hibernation.

Now, hes back in a major way and his cult following is larger than ever. Kanye is known for raw emotion, arrogant punchlines, and a verbal swagger that can’t be duplicated. He’s one of the few artists than can shame you on your own track and laugh in your face about it. Quite honestly, all of his albums have been classics. That’s a feat accomplished by few. In recent weeks hes released two beastly tracks and a ‘moving painting’ music video. What hasn’t he done?

The Twitter blast Kanye put out on the premiere day of the ‘Power’ video mentioned a ‘moving painting.’ I’m pretty sure nobody expected the video the be a literal translation of the tweet. We were wrong.

The ‘Monster’ track and ‘Power’ video were all over the net 24 hours ago, but now they’re harder to find than Waldo. Apparently the record label snatched them off  YouTube faster than you can say piracy. ‘Monster’ featured Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Bon Iver, and Nicki Minaj. I’m telling you, you’ve got to hear this.

I feel like a virgin boy looking at his first pair of boobs. I’m giddy with excitement for this next album. Right now Mr. West is ‘bouncing a couple of titles around’ for his 5th studio album. The two reported title possibilities are ‘Good Ass Job’ and ‘Dark Twisted Fantasy.’ Who knows? Kanye is so unpredictable and scatterbrained. I’m just glad hes back to being the international a-hole.

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