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C1RCA Women’s Fall & Holiday 2010 Preview

Circa Women's Fall & Holiday 2010 Preview

C1RCA sent over some select styles from the women’s Fall & Holiday 2010 collections for us to preview and the line is looking really good.  Sometimes women’s lines that are an extension of men’s lines can look like the red-headed step child but C1RCA’s women’s collection is solid and can stand on its own.

The silhouettes for Fall & Holiday are clean and simple and are the kind of pieces that you can pair with lots of looks.  While I was looking through the line I felt like there were many items that would be “go-to” items in a closet – you know the ones – the 15% of items in your closet that you wear 85% of the time.

Circa Women's Fall & Holiday 2010 Preview

Sneaker silhouettes were low profile with the ever-popular vulcanized soles.  The 50 classic in black plaid was reminiscent of an English school girl-gone-bad, while the Moc Slip was on the other side of the spectrum and evoked an earthy vibe.  My favorite, the Natasha High is versatile and can be worn with the top folded down.

Circa Women's Fall & Holiday 2010 Preview

The apparel was also really cute and feminine without being overly saccharine.  The Anabele Pea Coat was adorable in red with blue and black leopard print lining.  The Fancy vest – was quite literally pretty fancy for a vest.  Complete with contrast ruffles and long neck ties made into a bow, the fancy vest could easily be paired with sporty items as easily as it could be paired with girly, trend-driven pieces.

Circa Women's Fall & Holiday 2010 Preview

The highlights of the collection were the Skate4Cancer Natasha High and the Ashkahn Natashi High.  The C1RCA x Skate4Cancer collab is a product of a partnership between C1RCA and Rob Dyer, the founder of Skate4Cancer.  All of the proceeds from the C1RCA x Skate4Cancer shoes will help raise funds for a Skate4Csancer Drop-In Center in Canada.  The C1RCA Select x Ashkahn Natasha High, out in time for the holiday season, was designed by Ashkahn Shahparnia an LA-based artist.  This style looked really good and seems pretty eco-conscious with its hemp and bamboo twill upper.

Circa Women's Fall & Holiday 2010 Preview

Stay tuned for these pieces to hit shelves soon in time for the Fall & Holiday 2010 seasons.

All Images: OHW2007

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