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Guys and Girls

Have you ever been sound asleep only to be rudely awakened by a text or call from that bug-a-boo that’s been hitting on you for the longest? I have.  I hate being disturbed from my beauty sleep, especially when the dream involves hot guys, sneakers, or nail polish. The only thing to make the situation worse is when the dude hits you with a variation of the following: “Want to come over and hang out?” Uh. How about NO!

At 3 am what can a guy possibly want? Oh yeah, I know. That ONE thing. There is just something about the aforementioned line that just burns my biscuits. Not only are you cutting into my sleeping time, but you tried to use one of the OLDEST lines in the book on me! Oh no homeboy! You and I both know what that means. You don’t want to hang out. You want to hang me off the edge of the bed in my birthday suit and its NOT happening.

The nerve!

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