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Zoe Kravitz: Fashion Icon

Zoe Kravitz: Fashion icon

Zoe Kravitz: Fashion icon

Zoe Kravitz is a bombshell, and with her genetic make-up, it was to be expected. I can’t comment on her singing or her acting as I haven’t seen or heard a thing she has done. Maybe I live under a rock or she’s just off the radar. Regardless, I really appreciate the way she comes across whether it be a testimony of her creative genius or that of her stylist.

One of her style staples would be her vibrant red lipstick. Against her sometimes café au lait sometimes paler colored skin, it really stands out and brings all the focus to her face, which might I add, is adorned with a gorgeous set of cheekbones. She can be über classy, cute or edgy, yet her style  always reads: ” I know what’s going on in the fashion world and I’m cool from my head to my shoes.” Although her tight midriff-showing tank top and high-waisted jeans were a questionable match in my opinion, that outfit demonstrated how comfortable she is in her skin. And comfort, when not camouflaged in sweat pants and oversized (not in a rad way) sweaters, is unwaveringly sexy.

Also, I always dig people who aren’t afraid of delving into last year’s trends and who still rock them 4 seasons later. Ms. Kravitz is especially fond of headbands, which first re-emerged from the shadows of the 1970s-1980s with Nicole Richie and the likes (if memory serves me right).

I will say that I’m not really into emulating celebrity style to a T. However, drawing inspiration from her bohochicness could be an interesting venture.

Here are a few pointers that I managed to come up with while checking out her outfit repertoire online:

  • (Try to) love your body as is
  • Florals do not have to be too girlie-girl; toughen them up with dark colors (cardigan, combat boots)
  • Experiment with different shades of red lipstick
  • Layer your necklaces

Lastly, a unique pair of shoes can transform an outfit. Hit the vintage or vintage inspired shops, everyone!

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