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What to do in DC: Summer at Cactus Cantina


DC is pretty infamous for its horribly humid summers, which is probably why I spent quite a few of them outside on the patio of Cactus Cantina downing frozen margaritas.


Cactus, as it’s usually referred to, is a Tex-Mex restaurant located between DC’s Tenleytown and Cleveland Park neighborhoods.  The prices are incredibly reasonable and it’s not too far from either American University or The National Cathedral, making it an ideal spot for poor ass college students, budget minded tourists, and locals looking to get some good food on the cheap.  Besides the low prices, Cactus is notable for a number of reasons:  the service is great, the atmosphere is fun and breezy, and, most importantly, the serve up the best chips, salsa, fajitas, and margaritas in the entire DC area.  There’s nothing like going to Cactus on a balmy afternoon with friends, sitting on the patio, and enjoying great food while sneaking in some people watching and good conversation between bites.

3300 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20016-3808
(202) 686-7222



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