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What to do in DC: Matchbox


Matchbox is one of those restaurants that seemingly popped up over night when downtown DC was going through it’s revitalization period and has been insanely popular ever since.  Some people go to socialize down at the bar with the throngs of 20-30 something hipsters, preps, and white collar office workers that usually frequent the place.  Drinks are divided between girly or manly, making it even easier to find where the Apple Martini’s and Cosmopolitans are without having to sift through Mint Juleps and Lemon Quenchers.  Some people go for the decor; the exposed brick walls and wood floors are pretty sexy after all, and Matchbox gets its name from the wide array of matchboxes embedded in the wood and resin tables.  Then there are people like me who come soley for the food.  There’s a pretty good selection of salads, seafood, and steak dinners among other things, but the two main reasons to come to Matchbox are for the burgers and pizza.  The burgers, which come in mini and full sized versions, feature well seasoned, juicy slabs of Angus beef topped with sweet onion strings and served on a brioche bun.  The pizza’s, on the other hand, are all baked in Matchbox’s special wood-stoked oven and have a slightly tangy tomato sauce.  The crusts, which the menu states are slightly charred from their short time in the oven, make a good base for toppings ranging from the mundane (vegetables) to the amazing (chicken pesto).  Good thing, too, as Matchbox bills itself as the vintage pizza bistro.

Even on a slow night there’s usually a wait, but trust me: it’s totally worth it.

713 H St NW
Washington, D.C. 20001-3733

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