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Tuesday Night Blues

MTV's The Hills

Reality television is God’s gift to nosey people. I am one such person, a bonafide snooper. I remember the good old days when my Snuggie and I would cuddle up on the couch with a pack of Oreos and catch up with my Cali pals via the TV screen. I was a die hard fan of ‘The Hills.’ Hell, I’ve been a fan since Laguna Beach and can recite the entire casts list of exes, uh-ohs, and most memorable moments. In my mind, I am the long lost member of ‘The Hills’ cast.

Who could resist the sparkling smile of Brody, Heidi and Spencer’s psychotic antics, and the foul mouth on Kristen. God I love her! I used the show as an itinerary for when I visited La La Land. My dedication to The Hills was that serious. Now that there’s no more action on those Hollywood hills, what am I supposed to do with my Tuesday nights?

Well, ‘Teen Mom’ is an acceptable substitute I guess. I still miss the gasps, giggles, and tears on ‘The Hills’ though. Not enough drama on ‘Teen Mom’ to keep me entertained. However, there is one silver lining in this grey cloud of Hills-lessness. I get ‘Jersey Shore’ back! Yes! Fist pumps for everyone!

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