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The Beauty Link List: 07.15.2010

h.wood beauty

♥♥ From the creators of h.wood Tea Room comes h.wood.beauty. All products are handmade in Los Angeles and feature the same organic recipes from the teas brewed at the tea room.

Betsey Johnson Fragrance

♥♥ Betsey Johnson will launch a fragrance next month, followed by a variety of personal care products and a possible color line.

Miss Pucci, Urban Outfitters Cosmetics Revamp, Tarina Tarantino for QVC

♥♥ At the end of August, Pucci will unveil Miss Pucci, a musky, floral concoction of  magnolia, Sicilian winter lemon, Turkish Rose, ylang ylang, Tunisian orange blossom, Arabian jasmine, and Texas cedar.

♥♥ Urban Outfitters will add fixtures for a revamped beauty repertoire, which will now include (at limited locations) NYX Special Effect Theatrical Lashes, Paul & Joe, Stila, Anna Sui, and Japonesque.

♥♥ Tarina Tarantino and Sephora have teamed up with QVC to promote the jewelry and accessory icon’s successful cosmetics collection.

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One Response to “The Beauty Link List: 07.15.2010”

  1. Natalie H. says:

    h.wood beauty is a complete rip off of julie hewett’s line! i say no thanks to imitators & scammers. it’s soooo low class.


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