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Sugar daddies and the women that love/need/want them

The ultimate Sugar Daddy experience
The ultimate Sugar Daddy experience

Having sprouted from humble beginnings, despite the fact that my great-grandma was the first female chief in Mamfe, Cameroon, which offered her metaphorical balls so to speak and not cash, I can understand the allure of a sugar daddy. I can understand, but wouldn’t choose that lifestyle for myself even if, ironically enough, I were offered 1 000 000 dollars.

I stumbled upon a blog which chronicled the life of a sugar baby (a woman who exchanges her companionship and sex for money and gifts via a wealthy older man). From that blog, I found more and more. I must say these sites are entertaining, and although mainstream society would judge such women as being weak, crazy and perhaps even as grazing prostitution, some of these women are far from being idle. In fact, they have a keen business sense, since they are maintaining relationships with these men to further their career, as in garner enough money to open up their own businesses. I knew that such females existed, but I hadn’t a clue that there was this whole online community for sugar babies. I actually found an online dating hub for sugar babies/daddies called “SugarDaddyMate“. You can describe yourself  (as a sugar baby or sugar daddy) and find someone who will cater to your needs.

My curiosity being already picked, I ventured out to find out if sugar mommies existed. They do, but they are oftentimes called cougars. The term “cougar”, to me, solely implies an older woman who dates younger men; it doesn’t hold them to that same monetary responsibility as are sugar daddies. Sites for “sugar mommies” exist, but you have to look a bit harder to find them. A social commentary can evidently be made, but I’ll leave that up to you!

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