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Sallie Mae Will MAKE You Pay

Student Loans

This is a time of financial hardship for everyone. We’re all pinching pennies, breaking piggy banks, and packing lunches to stretch those green bills as far as possible. As a newbie to the workforce, I see the strain the economy has put on recent graduates. No only are jobs non existent, but many degree possessing youth also owe a butt load of money in loans. Wasn’t 4 years of my life enough? Sheesh!

When in school, few college students think about the money that they’re going to have to pay back 3-6 months after graduation. All they know is booze, shopping, and dropping tons of cash on crap they can’t afford. Yes, the good old refund check was the best friend to many. I remember kids skipping class because it was refund check day. Now, all that binging has turned into a bill that is more than their rent.

I personally know people who have monthly payments to Sallie Mae in the thousands. I guess that where $40,000 tuition and lack of proper planning lands you, in the poor house. The sadder thing about the situation is that the same kids don’t have jobs. It sucks to see my friends ducking and dodging phone calls and changing their numbers to avoid paying back student loans. Seriously, do loan companies not take into consideration this toilet of an economy we’re living in?

Well, if you owe then you better pay. The mood of payment notices gets progessively more threatening as time passes. When it all comes down to it, Sallie Mae will hunt you down like the broke ass you are and MAKE you pay. They’re like Dog the Bounty Hunter or somebody. As long as you breathe and need to buy toilet paper, Sallie’s goons will track you DOWN! Sleep with one eye open people. They’re watching!

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2 Responses to “Sallie Mae Will MAKE You Pay”

  1. Oh, I feel this. It’s been a few years since I exited my post-grad grace period, but changing jobs and financial situations has definitely left me feeling the pinch of my student loans. I don’t even feel like I have it that bad, but every bit counts (/hurts)!

    I will say: my first few months out of school I saved like a mofo and ended up paying a few thousand off of my college loan. It was a small dent, then I continued with the suggested monthly repayment, but I’m soooo grateful I did that. It was tight and a nerdy thing to do, but now I have the option to stop paying for a year if I need to since I’m paid ahead. Take care of it while you can, and knock out some interest, too.

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    Stella, that’s great advice. Also, if you pay extra on your monthly bill be sure to indicate that you want the extra funds applied to principal only. That will bring down the amount that you borrowed, and in turn, bring down the amount of interest you pay.

    If you can’t pay you also may want to look at deferment. I deferred my college loans to go to grad school – yes it’s a vicious circle – more loans! BUT, in a few years time you’ll have a degree, you’ll get a much better paying job and (fingers crossed) the economy will be much better.


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