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Reading Rendezvous: Stay by Allie Larkin

Reading Rendezvous: <em> Stay </em> by Allie Larkin

In the new novel Stay by Allie Larkin we are presented with the same age-old question, do you swoon and lust after a man who doesn’t want you or fall hard for the new man who wants you? Savannah ‘Van’ Leone is presented with this question when her best friend-Jane- steals the man of her dreams, or at least this is how she sees it. Savannah has been in love with Peter Clarke ever since she set her eyes on his boat shoes, yet she plays the role as best friend rather than companion. Only to further her subservient behavior Van agrees to be Jane’s maid of honor in the only wedding she wants to run away from. Van feels hopelessly alone, her mother died of cancer, Peter leaves her for Jane, and all she has is Jane’s mother who pays her to leave Jane and Peter alone.

Confused by her own feelings and the loneliness she feels Savannah chooses to get ferociously drunk and order a puppy from Slovakia after an inspirational viewing of Rin Tin Tin. As if the situation couldn’t get any worse the puppy arrives as a large German Shepherd who has yet to reach his full growth. Unaccustomed to her dog she rush’s him to the vet after he gets sick and is confronted by a beautiful doctor- Dr. Alex Brandt- who wants nothing more than to swoon over Savannah. Quickly she falls head over heels in love with Dr. Brandt, that is until Peter calls her and shows up drunk on her doorstep. Van is forced to make a decision between her new and old life, which not only affects herself but the only people she has ever loved. Together with her new companion Joe (oh yeah did I forget to mention Joe only understands Slovakian commands) they embark on a new life determined to grow and change with each other.

“You cannot stay with the wrong person. I guess the trick is finding the right one to begin with. Right?”

Allie Larkin’s new book is ripe with unpredictable behaviors and passion. When the characters go through turmoil the reader goes along with them feeling hope, shame, and love. This novel is truly unforgettable and no one can turn away from the warm friendship that evolves between Van and Joe. With Joe’s help Van’s character transforms into powerful and interesting individual who is forced to make the same decisions that we fear to make everyday.

Stay is available now on Amazon

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