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Photo Of The Week: Kerin Rose by Amanda Lopez

Kerin Rose By Amada Lopez

Kerin Rose By Amada Lopez

Where was this photo taken?

In Manhattan in the apartment of the super stylish queen of eye wear, Miss Kerin Rose.

What were you thinking before you shot the photo?

I was excited to meet Kerin and photograph her so it was all good energy prior to the shoot.

What were you thinking after you shot the photo?

This shot was taken prior to the shoot so i thought it was really neat that she was down to let me take her picture while she got ready. Behind the scenes photos are always really fun to shoot.

What do you like about the photo?

I love the way the light gleams from the vanity and the contrast of Kerin’s hair with the dark walls. The picture to me has a fun, girly feel to it.

What camera did you use?

5D Mark II

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