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Photo Of The Week: Alisha By Austin McManus

Alisha by Austin McManus

Alisha by Austin McManus

Where did you take the photo?

In Foggy San Francisco on one of those rare sunny days.

What were you thinking before you took the photo?

When we came up on the spot I thought it was relatively quiet.  Then a bunch of people started walking and riding bikes by.  Cars could see us from the street and I told Alisha “Lets do this and get out”.  I was thinking the light was too bright and it would be better in a couple of hours.  Alisha had to be in class in 15 minutes and it had been months of us trying to get together, so I really had no choice.  A couple people saw her writing but really we were in and out so fast.  It’s funny, when someone see’s a girl doing graffiti it’s less malicious than a male. People are taken off guard.  This ongoing project challenges the gender based stereo types in the world of vandalism.  All the girl subjects in my photos are first time vandals.

What were you thinking after you took the photo?

I didn’t get the film developed for a couple of weeks.  So like always with film, I’m pleasantly surprised.

What’s interesting to you about the photo?

That in many ways it’s very uncontrived.  It could easily be in a fashion magazine but yet the shot took only a matter of minutes.  Writing your name on something is so natural wether with it be a spray can outdoors or writing a check.

What camera did you use?

A small one that allows errors.

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