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NYC The Famous and Spectacular powerHouse Arena


The Famous and Spectacular powerHouse Arena
Book and Tag Sale!

Proof Sheet Gift Wrap! Fiction and Nonfiction Markdowns! Children’s Book Display Copies! Art, Photography, and Design Book Bargains! Pedestals! Frames! Lamps! Sundry Home Décor! Knick-Knacks! Paddywhacks! Give the Dog a Bone (Treats)!

July 28, 2010–September 6, 2010
The powerHouse Arena
37 Main Street, Brooklyn
For more information: (718) 666-3049
Weekdays: 10AM–7PM, Weekends: 11 AM–7 PM

We’re holding our annual sale of great photography, pop culture, and illustrated books featuring art, documentary, subculture exploration, fashion, and celebrity titles, as well as rare and archival copies, and limited editions. Prices have been slashed 50-95%. With LOTS MORE NEW STUFF! Even non-books!

Come shop and load up! Free boxes and packing wrap! Want it delivered? We can do that! Give us address and we’ll do the rest!

Too busy to shop? Come on, it’s summer! Stop and smell the roses—and make an indoor rose garden of beautiful art and photography books; your senses will thank you. (But if you really can’t, don’t worry, we can do that too! Give us a budget and an address and we’ll do the rest!)

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