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My top three destinations

Cameroon, West Africa

Cameroon, West Africa

While many are thinking about Eurotrips, I am ever so eager to set my feet on African soil. I would love to visit my grandmother and cousins in Cameroon, catch up with my aunt in Nigeria, visit the pyramids in Egypt and admire the safari view in Kenya. All this of course, while running away from bees as huge as my fist (I exaggerate), enjoying African meals that vary from region to region and most of all, feel as if this is the place of my birth. I have a Canadian citizenship, but I will always refer to Africa as home.

If you are to visit Cameroon, do browse the plethora of museums featuring traditional art in Yaounde. Cameroonian food is delicious, and you can find many “chop” houses that serve our national dishes at cheap prices. If that isn’t your cup of tea, Lebanese, Asian and European cuisines can also be encountered in many restaurants. Also, Cameroon is home to various natural reserves such as the Waza Natural Park and the Korup National Park. The presidential palace, situated in the Etoudi neighborhood, is also an important touristic attraction. As for music, I must big up makossa, the type of music that fills even men with the ardent desire to swing their hips. The nightlife in the capital city is said to be booming and you’ll get to enjoy many musical genres. I will say that the smaller villages are most definitely worthy of a visit; you may perhaps even get to witness a juju festival.

St-Vincent and the Grenadines

St-Vincent and the Grenadines

After my Afro-trip, my next destination would be the Caribbean, more particularly St-Vincent and the Grenadines. My boyfriend always talks to me about his “back home”. He tells me about how Canadian night skies aint got nothing on the beauty of St-Vincent skies with as many visible stars as there are people. He spoke to me of banana play fights with his brother, as in, the art of wasting one of my favorite fruits to shoo away boredom, and the Caribbean etiquette reminiscent of African custom of saying hi to people they meet on the street. St-Vincent is gorgeous, and I want to eat as many mangoes as my stomach permits, go sun bathing on the beach and check out their natural treasures such as La Soufriere, a massive active volcano, Trinity Falls and the Vermont Nature Trail. The Caribbean is marked with such intriguing history, before and after the arrival of the Europeans, and I want to breathe into such depth and draw inspiration from it.

Finally, the Australian accent makes me wish I had a more distinctive manner of speech than saying “eh” a lot as my Canadian-ness would have it. Australia offers much more than kangoroos; there you will find an explosive nightlife, impressive architecture, desserts, the bush etc. The wildlife in Australia is certainly remarkable, and although my knowledge about this country is not as developed as for my other top destinations, I have an inexplicable attraction to this place and hope to visit it some time soon.

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