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My Latest Obsession: San Diego Comic-Con

My Latest Obsession: San Diego Comic-Con

My Latest Obsession: San Diego Comic-Con

Every July, the comic, anime, manga, gaming, fantasy, horror and pop culture faithful descend on picturesque San Diego for the international phenomenon that is Comic-Con. Not totally sure what Comic-Con is? It’s a four-day event where fans of the aforementioned genres can attend panels, seminars, workshops, preview upcoming films and games and attend one of the best masquerade balls you’ll ever see in your life. If you’re a self-proclaimed geek (like me), then this is the most exciting (and exhausting) weekend you’ll have all year.

I’ve attended Comic-Con several times over the last decade, both as a reporter and as a fan. I’ve walked the convention floor, perused comics and artwork, met with talent and hot artists, I’ve giggled and marveled at the attention to detail (or complete lack thereof) fans have when creating their superhero costumes.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been quietly obsessing over what to wear to this year’s Con. Tees? Jeans? Shorts? Tanks? Chuck Taylors? Flip Flops? Boots? How do I accessorize this? Should I stick to prevalent colors from the comic book spectrum (green, blue, red and black) or fun it up with something graphic? Most of what I own would totally be considered “Geek Chic,” but this is Comic-Con! I had to step up my game for this! I’m a girl who will use just about any excuse in the book to go shopping and expand my wardrobe, so off I went to check out my local shops and the malls around San Francisco to find the perfect outfits for Comic-Con 2010.

Before I got overwhelmed with all the choices that were available to me, I decided to talk to my gal pals who are a part of this geeky world I live in. Some of them thought I was overreacting and should just go in whatever struck my fancy; others quite helpfully suggested different pairings of cloths to maximize impact, but minimize packing. They were all helpful and all made me laugh about the task I had before me. Sure, it sounds a little silly/ridiculous, but it’s all in good fun and who knows who you’ll bump into when you’re walking around?

I started planning around the absolute staple and backbone of my wardrobe (Comic-Con or otherwise), jeans. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my collection, so this was the perfect opportunity to shop around. Because I’ve got something of a boyish/athletic figure, it was somewhat troublesome picking something that would give me some much needed curves, while flattering my figure. After trying on I don’t know how many different styles and washes, I settled on a pair of Hudson’s, Joe’s Jeans and Habitual’s. Since I’m a girl and constantly change my mind about what I want to wear, especially in the summer, I’m also packing a pair of jean bermudas and boyfriend fit jean shorts from American Eagle. There’s also two jeans skirts on stand-by just in case I change my mind (which I probably will).

Next came tops. After pulling every tee I own out of my chest of drawers, I decided on a couple of graphic tees. One is an “I Heart Tokyo” shirt (with the heart being a Japanese flag…very fitting since I am half-Japanese); the other is a tee called “Girl Power,” with the faces of Wonder Woman, Super Girl and Bat Girl on it. I stopped in at American Apparel to get one of their uber-comfy wife beaters for placement under a black blazer, and found a really cute plaid short-sleeved shirt at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. Whoo-hoo!!

Last is shoes. My jean obsession is only matched by my shoe obsession. Casual, stilettos, sandals, doesn’t matter. And it also doesn’t matter that I have filled up one half of my closet and don’t really have room to bring home another pair. I looked at Gladiator sandals, strappy stilettos, chunky wedges, Havaianas, Chuck Taylors and Pumas. While I loved just about everything that I looked at, I opted for comfort over sass. I fell in love with a pair of red Imani’s at the PUMA store, and found a pair of silver Havaianas at Gap. I know by the time I hit Sunday (although realistically, it will happen around 3pm on Saturday) my feet will be killing me and I’ll be happy that I took sneakers instead of sandals. Which reminds me, I better schedule a massage for when I return home.

I’m still muddling through hair and makeup (but that’s another obsession altogether!) but am completely relieved that the clothes are taken care of. Now I just have to get down to San Diego and have some fun!

Until next week (and the conclusion of my Comic-Con obsession)!

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  1. Mayka says:

    Comic-Con, as overwhelming as it is, is such an interesting experience! I totally started planning my most packable/lotsawalking-friendly outfits this weekend, too. 😛

    People just don’t know what they’re missing.


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