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My Latest Obsession: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

My Latest Obsession: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

My Latest Obsession: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

When I don’t have my feet aren’t elevated at least four inches into the sky in the latest platforms, stilettos, wedges, gladiator heels, or whatever the current trend is, they’re kicking it in my Product (RED) Chuck Taylors. I’ve had these shoes for over four years. I’ve walked everywhere in them, been to countless concerts and love the fact that I can wear them at work. That is until earlier this week. The heel finally wore through and I had to retire my beloved pair of shoes.

It’s a little emotional letting these go. I bought them as soon as they went on sale at Gap. I’m a strong supporter of what Product (RED) stands for: raising money for the global fund to end AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. I loved the fact that the money I used to purchase them was going to help others, and I’d be rocking a great pair of shoes as well. As much as I love (and have loved) my Chuck Taylors, I also wanted something unique that wouldn’t be like every other pair of shoes that you saw walking down the street. These not only played into my sense of social justice and progressive politics, it also played right into my need to be just a little bit different than everyone else, especially when wearing iconic shoes.  With the classic black canvas, white soles, and red edging, they went with everything and were unique enough to make me walk a little taller down the street.

I know that there’s no shoe law written down somewhere that you can only own one pair of Chuck Taylors at a time, and that certainly doesn’t mean that I haven’t stalked the Converse site. I’ve dallied with designing my own shoe and I came very close to buying a pair of the One Star Suedes (but later bought them for someone else). Now that I need to replace a staple in my shoe collection, the sky’s the limit!! I love, love, love the collection that John Varvatos designed, specifically the Chuck Taylor All Star Multi-Eyelets and the Chuck Taylor All Star Vintage Slip. So many possibilities with those! And, seriously, who can resist (really, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU) a pair of Dr. Seuss inspired Chuck Taylors? Of course, the pair that first caught my eye were the Thing 1 shoes, but those only come in kids sizes (what??!!). The next pair that grabbed my attention were the high top Dr. Seuss Chuck Taylor All Stars. How amazing are these? It looks like you stuck your foot into a Dr. Seuss book and pulled it out with that drawn on it. The laces are a great touch too, with their iconic Cat in the Hat striping, and super extra bonus, you get a Cat in the Hat bag to tote them around in. There’s no reason for you not to be ordering these right now. Go ahead with that. I’ll wait.

So, you’re probably wondering, where are the Product (RED) shoes? The paint swatch shoes are really fun, especially since it wasn’t too long ago that I was looking at paint swatches for my home. But, I think that the best Product (RED) shoes are the ones that YOU design. When they first launched, this wasn’t possible, but now, they’re so customizable, it’s silly not to try your hand at designing something that will be completely you. Sure, there are plenty of options that you could buy right out of the box, Product (RED) related or not, but just think of how great it will be to announce to the world (or just someone who asks where you got your cool kicks from) that YOU were the one who came up with the design!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

Graphics by: Michelle

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4 Responses to “My Latest Obsession: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars”

  1. Leigh says:


    Where in the UK can I purchase the Dr Suess Converse?


  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    Not sure you may want to try the Converse site – you may be able to purchase them online.

  3. kawaly says:

    Hi,nice post. Infos are very usefull and saved me huge amount of time which I could spend on something else instead of searching :) Thanks a lot!

  4. summer says:

    i really want a pair of dr seuss converse in ladies from the uk is there a shop that sells them in the uk plzzz help me im desperate for a pair


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