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M.I.S.S. TV: KarmaloopTV at Joyrich in Japan

KarmaloopTV took a trip to Japan, and landed in Joyrich boutique!

KarmaloopTV took a trip to Japan, and landed in Joyrich boutique!

It’s no secret that Japan is the launching pad for all things fashionably cool. From high end Comme des Garcons, to Nigo’s Bape, to everyone’s favorite Uniqlo, the Japanese sense of style knows no boundaries, and is always ahead of the curve. So it made perfect sense that during Karmaloop TV‘s recent Japan Week, the American streetwear mecca stopped off at a Japanese streetwear mecca, the Joyrich boutique. Offering a sneak peak of Joyrich’s Spring and Fall Collection straight from the Tokyo showroom, Karmaloop sent their Womens’ buyer Jasmine to the Joyrich showroom. Bright neons, outrageous prints, luxe fabrics, and lush cuts are all in store this fall, with our personal favorite pieces at M.I.S.S. being an oversized neon yellow cardi, and a varsity jacket that’s nothing short of gangster.WE WANT, WE NEED, WE LOVE!!

Check out the Karmaloop TV Japan Week I episode: Joyrich below, and once you’re done, make sure to peep the Karmaloop lookbook featuring the whole crew modeling exclusive new Joyrich designs for fall.

Image Layout by the darling Daniela aka Phaymiss!

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