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M.I.S.S. Muses: Kids at the Beach

MISS MUSES Kids at the Beach

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid at the beach? Perhaps there were sandcastles, feeding the birds, burying in the sand, or looking for seashells. You may reminisce on playing games with the waves and the joy of beating the ocean by not getting wet. But it wasn’t just the activities – it was the whole-hearted efforts we put into the activities. Holes were dug as though they were the most important thing in the world. Perfect seashell location led to quiet concentration and focus on only that. Even the messiest of sandcastles were patted hundreds of times with care. If you want to see someone really present in the moment, check out a child enjoying the splash of a wave or chasing it back from the shore.

Last weekend I got to spend some time at the Carolina shore. We swam in the ocean to cool down, dove under waves as fun challenges, boogie boarded to feel the rush of the wave, floated in the sea to enjoy the sensation. It wasn’t about getting a tan, looking good, or proving anything. For a few hours, it wasn’t about what someone else thought about me or what someone said or what’s next. We earnestly scoured the shore for shark teeth, grabbing quickly before the waves took them away. We hung out in the water and walked the shore as though those were the only important things to do. There was no thought of tomorrow or work challenges or business planning. It was swim just to swim. Float to float. Search to search. Do anything just because it felt right for the current moment. Have fun. And enjoy it so much none of us wanted to leave. That was the most freeing and peaceful time I’ve enjoyed in a long while.

If you can, go play at the beach. Not because I said so or it’s the cool thing to do, but to enjoy it. To lose yourself in the moment and play! If the beach is not in your upcoming plans, be present in your moments and play through life. We could all have a bit more fun with it.

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