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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: Spike Your Juice

DIY Drinks in a Dash with Spike Your Juice!

DIY Drinks in a Dash with Spike Your Juice!

One of the pleasures of being a grown woman is having the freedom to enjoy an adult beverage at my leisure. I can celebrate with a toast, socialize over a cocktail, or just relax with a glass. As a teen, of course, the most I ever got to drink was a bottle stolen from a friend’s parents’ liquor cabinet. I no longer have to sneak a shot or spike the punch, because now, aside from proudly showing my ID to purchase a bottle, I can make my own alcohol at home. What I’m talking about is different than simply adding some Goose to your cran, or even mixing a martini. I’m actually turning juice into alcohol with the Spike Your Juice kit. If you have some juice and some patience, Spike Your Juice can turn that juice into a bubbly alcoholic beverage that you’ll be proud to say that you made yourself.

This idea of transforming juice into alcohol is not a new one, because it is a naturally occurring process that anyone can do it. But with Spike Your Juice, it takes the fermentation process and makes it almost effortless to create your own concoction. No need to measure anything, because it’s all there in the kit ready for you. My favorite part is that you use 100% juice, so not only are you enjoying a sparkling champagne-like drink, you’re also getting a dose of vitamins! Alcoholic beverages can be on the unhealthy side, especially if your favorite drink uses soda as an ingredient. For the folks that are vowing to be soda-free this summer, that includes alcohol! On top of that, there are no artificial flavors, chemicals, or colors, just simply yeast, organic evaporated cane juice, and an emulsifier.

When I had the chance of trying out Spike Your Juice, I hopped on it. I received the package in the mail and was almost shocked because the kit was just a small box. I was expecting some fancy equipment and unknown ingredients, but no, the DIY kit consisted of 6 packets, drink labels, instructions, an airlock, and a rubber stopper. I was so “juiced” to try this out!

Spike Your Juice in 3 Easy Steps

Spike Your Juice in 3 Easy Steps

The box claims to make a spiked juice in 3 easy steps, and it’s completely true!

Step 1: Pick your juice.
One packet will spike one 64 oz. bottle of juice, and you get 6 packets in the kit. That’s a whole lot of spirits, enough to make 3 gallons! The instructions suggest using grape, cranberry, or pomegranate, but really any juice will work as long as it’s 100%. Why would you buy any other juice anyways?! Because I wanted to make a seasonal blend, I chose to use an organic blueberry juice. Like cranberries, blueberries are high in antioxidants, so it was exciting for me to make a beverage that was good for my body and my spirits.

Step 2:   Spike your juice.
You can literally spike your juice in less than one minute. Just pour the packet into the juice. That’s it. You don’t even have to stir it. The kit even comes with labels with spaces for the type of juice and the spike date, as well as a notice that the juice contains alcohol. You wouldn’t want any little ones mistaking this for just juice. Slapping the label on the bottle was so empowering; I was making my own alcohol!

Step 3:   Seal with airlock.
The kit comes with an airlock that you fill with water and a rubber stopper to seal the bottle. This step was the most technical, but it’s still so easy. I’ve seen people use balloons for this stage in DIY fermentation, but this airlock and stopper are much more official. After this stage, then all of the magic happens. Each day, the natural sugar content in the juice decreases, and the alcohol content rises…up to 14% vol.

I left my bottle on the counter and checked on it every now and then. From the start, I could already see movement in the bottle. Each time I checked, there was more and more going on in there. It was exciting to see all that action because I knew that all that bubbling would make some tasty bubbly. The directions state to wait 48 hours to start sampling, and if you want a stronger and dryer taste with and increased alcohol content, then leave it a little longer. I started spiking on a Wednesday so I could have a nice Friday night, but once I found out about a friend’s potluck party on Saturday, I decided to leave it a little longer. How fresh is it that I was bringing freshly made alcohol?!



For my first taste, I was admittedly nervous to try it. Would it be too strong? Would it taste bad? Did I mess up? No, no, and no, because this spiked juice made me say YES all around! The juice itself had a lighter flavor that was infused with a champagne-like flavor and feel. Imagine a mimosa, only with blueberry juice. Yes, it’s fancy like that. The alcohol flavor was not overly strong and I think it married well with the juice.

I brought my first bottle to the potluck and proudly told folks that I made the blueberry alcohol myself. Wow, were they impressed! Only if they knew how simple it was… It was a nice refreshment on a warm summer’s day. We finished the bottle, and I probably had more glasses than anyone else (for testing’s sake). I didn’t have a buzz going on, but I didn’t need it because I was high off of making my own alcohol!

I have 5 more packets left and I’m not quite sure what my next flavor will be. I might make a blend of juices to make it even more customized, and I’ll definitely let the bottle ferment for at least one more day. I want a little buzz! I’m sure that all of my friends will hear the buzz about my spiked juices, so I’ll definitely have a few gifts already knocked off of my list.

Get your own Spike Your Juice kit for only $9.99 on the Spike Your Juice website.  This sure beats spending $10 a drink at the bar!

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