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Lytess – Next Generation of Shapewear


Don’t just look slimmer, be slimmer!

Before I had a baby I never really needed shapewear. I bought a pair of Spanx but only wore them once or twice and felt like my life was being sucked out of me and I never wore them again. When I had the baby, I had to have a c-section and from my first few days in the hospital, I started wearing a corrective belt. First, because across the world wrapping is a way to help get one’s uterus back to its pre-pregnancy size. Second, because of the surgery, one tends to feel like their mid-section and all of its contents are about to fall out.

Surgery, or no surgery, I had stocked up on various belts because I wanted to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape as soon as possible. When I was contacted by Lytess to try out their corrective belt, I thought, “perfect timing!” I am so glad that Lytess sent me a belt to try out because it turned out to be my favorite one.

Lytess is not like other shapewear brands out there. Not only do Lytess products give you the support you need, Lytess is a “cosmetotextile”.  That is, the textiles Lytess uses are “embedded with microcapsules that continuously moisturize and smooth the skin and have been clinically proven to help you lose inches.” Sounds like the future, I know.  So how does it work?

The products’ microencapsulated concentrated ingredients, which include essential fatty acids, natural vitamins and phtosterols, are released throughout the day from the natural friction while wearing the garment.  As the microcapsules are released they help to nourish the skin and reshape your figure.

I tried the Lytess corrective belt, the Belly Bandit, the Medela Postpartum Support Belt and the belt that I was given at the hospital after my surgery (similar to the Especially for Mom Postpartum Support Belt).  Each of these belts had their benefits, but my overall favorite was the Lytess – here’s why…

Belly Bandit – I followed the sizing instructions when I ordered this belt but it didn’t fit me until my 3rd or 4th week after surgery.  The first few times I wore it I was in physical pain from the belt and even now, it is the most uncomfortable belt of all the ones I tried.  It’s also the bulkiest of all the belts so I tried not to wear this belt out of the house because one could see the belt protruding through the clothing.

Medela Postpartum Support Belt – This belt gave the least support of all the belts.  I don’t think this did much in the way of giving me support so I wore this belt while working out because it didn’t restrict my movements.  It’s also good for sleeping if you can’t get comfortable in the other belts.  I followed the sizing instruction on this as well and was not able to wear it until my 3rd or 4th week after pregnancy.

The Belt from the Hospital (similar in style to the Especially for Mom belt) – I wore this belt for the first month after my surgery because I felt it was the safest to wear since it came from the hospital.  Also, since I tried it on at the hospital, it was the only one of the belts that fit me.  I liked this belt because it was extremely adjustable – I could see myself getting smaller by how tight I could make the belt.  It was also pretty comfortable given the amount of support it gave me.  However, wearing this under clothing was not so great because the belt got bulkier the smaller you got because there was excess fabric to wrap around you.

Lytess Corrective Belt – I received this in about my 3rd to 4th week post-surgery.  When I took it out of the box I was doubtful that it would fit because it was very tiny.  But, like other shapewear, looks can be deceiving and the belt had lots of give and I was able to get it on.  Once I had it on, I immediately felt the support I needed without the bulk of the other belts.  I also loved that I could just pull this belt on and didn’t have to adjust it.  All of the other belts had velcro flaps which added to the bulk of the belts.  The Lytess corrective belt was my belt of choice whenever I went out because it smoothed out my bumps and fit nicely under my clothes.  Because it is seamless, there was no added bulk.

The Lytess belt was also the most comfortable and I would forget that I had it on. Unlike the other belts that had velcro closures,  the Lytess belt molded to the shape of my body.  (The other belts tended to bunch up – especially because they didn’t have any give for curves like your waist.)  I also loved that the caffeine and Shea Butter that is in the fabric of the belt left my skin smooth and soft and not dry from hours of wear.

Lytess was by far my favorite product that I tried and I highly recommend it to any ladies who want to wear slimming undergarments.  In addition to the corrective belt, Lytess offers Slimming Bike Shorts, Slimming Capris, Slimming Leggings.  Lytess also has a micromassage and hydration line that includes Sleeves, Bike Shorts, Capris, Leggings and a Lift Up Bra.  All the products can be found on the following websites:,,, and

*I received the Lytess Corrective Belt from the company and I was dieting and exercising after my pregnancy.

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2 Responses to “Lytess – Next Generation of Shapewear”

  1. G- did you have any rolling up of this belt? And did it actually change the way you looked under clothes?

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    The belt rolled up a bit in the back when I sat down for a while. I think it’s partly because I’m short (and my torso is a bit shorter because of that) so the belt went lower than it probably will for most people. I started wearing it higher and the roll up issue went away.

    I think I looked better under clothes but I haven’t worn clothing without a belt since the surgery. It was the most discreet of all the belts. I found my old Spanx and I’m going to compare it to them next week. I’ll let you know.


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