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Introducing AÏE Magazine

AÏE Magazine Issue 0

AÏE Magazine Issue 0

With the recession nearly depleting the publishing world of all it’s hidden and not so hidden treasures, it’s about time we got some good news on the magazine front. I was getting a bit nervous every time I opened my mailbox in search of my magazine gems each month. Waking up to news that yet another one of my favorite glossies didn’t have the funds to produce left me feeling very tired and a little sick. There’s only so much one can take.

Quarterly Parisian based fashion and science magazine AÏE, the brainchild of stylist Alexandra Birchall-White and with art direction by Elle Azhdari is exactly what the magazine world needs right now. Independently produced and expertly placed together, AÏE filled with photography, interviews, and collaborations from legends from both the fashion and science worlds. An odd combination of topics one would say, but with the magazines founding members interests stemming from design to biological sciences and beyond, AÏE has the perfect blend of quirk and eccentricity to be the breath of fresh air the magazine industry needs. Dedicated to exposing the talents of a new generation of artists, as well as showing support for more established designers and creative risk takers, this magazine aims highlights those who lie under the radar of the art world.

Printed on baby blue paper and being distributed world wide in art galleries and design studios such as MoMA San Francisco, Collette in Paris, and APC Soho in New York, with AÏE I believe we’re in store for the second coming of the magazine messiah. It can only get better from here!

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