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Gabby Applegate Fall/Winter 2010 Lookbook Video

Gabby Applegate Fall/Winter 2010

Gabby Applegate Fall/Winter 2010

Gabby Applegate has done more in her 20 years of life than some of us hope to achieve in our late twenties or early thirties. She has defined and branded herself as a major player in today’s fashion industry beginning at the ripe age of 18 designing her gunge inspired collection ‘Witches’. Today Applegate is evolving into a creator with a eye for dark sophistication, and the ability to design classic pieces that are not only relevant today, but will most certainly be sought after in the years to come.

For the Fall/Winter season Gabby Applegate decided that the best possible way to present her vision and genius was through that of a video look book, allowing viewers and fans alike the opportunity to not only view the clothing, but to also set the mood for her brand and it’s season offerings. The look book from Applegate includes a plethora of variety such as the opening sequences hooded jacket, boasting asymmetrical lines, a cut out back, and looks to be made of soft leather; cropped three quarter length tops, silk high waisted trousers, tons of lace detailing, and more leather than one can handle. Gabby Applegate has presented us with a truly inspiring look book, one that will ensure her success in the forthcoming Fall/Winter season.

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