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DuWop Introduces Twilight Venom Blush

Duwop Twilight Venom Blush

DuWop, along with Twilight Beauty and Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, introduces Twilight Venom Blush. To commemorate the release of Eclipse and a follow up to last year’s crimson hued Venom, Venom Blush is a soft, shimmering pink, offering a sweeter look. Replicating its predecessor, the product is a two-part, moisturizing lip stain that features a plumping lip conditioner on top and a glistening, pink stain on bottom. When shaken together- “to represent the blending of human and vampire worlds”, the prettiest pop of pink is born. Containing Vitmain E, argan, olive, and avocado oils, Venom Blush is now available for $16 at Sephora stores, as well as online at www.DuWop.com and www.TwilightBeauty.com.

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