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Art Radar: 07.09.10




Artist Blu has really done it big this time with his ‘Big Bang Big Boom’ video.   The video is almost 10 minutes and it is so amazing. I can’t even imagine how long this video must have taken to actually make!  I have always been riding the dong of the painted animation. Video is amazing, and something that I am co-signing on.


Art Radar 07.08.10 - Ayden Gallery: ANIMALOPOLIS


WHERE: Ayden Gallery – 88 West Pender St, Vancouver B.C. (International Village – Tinseltown) CANADA V6B 6N9 

WHEN: June 11th – July 11th* Here are the hours of operations for the remaining days – Thurs: 2p-9p, Fri: 2p-10p, Sat: 2p-10p, Sun: 2p-9p

* I know that this event actually is coming to a close this weekend, but since I have been on personal leave from M.I.S.S. I couldn’t allow this event to go without any notice. If you are in the greater Vancouver area, please stop by and support Ayden Gallery and these amazing artists. If you aren’t, but know someone who is, spread the good word.


Art Radar 07.08.10 - Jesse LeDoux at Schmancy Toy Gallery

Jesse LeDoux at Schmancy THIS FRIDAY!! So stop by and check out his fabulous show “Perfect Forecast”,  but for now here is an interview with Jesse!

Schmancy: How much do you get to travel for work?
Jesse: For a while I was traveling quite a lot. So much, in fact, that I got elite frequent flier status. However, I’ve stuck pretty close to home lately, which has been a nice change. Typically, the grass is always greener, though with traveling, I’ve found myself content with wherever I currently am. If I’m at home, I’m happy being home. And if I’m away, I’m pretty excited to be away.

Schmancy: So true! So where is your favorite place?
Jesse: As for favorite places, I really miss Japan a lot. I think about its various charms frequently. I’d really love to be someplace warm right now. Anyplace warm right now. Even the NW, if it would ever heat up. TURN IT UP, Mother Nature! I’ve got some swimming to do!

Schmancy: Swimming is a bit chilly in Seattle, but yes let’s hope this change in weather will stay in the 70’s! Hmm…so where is your secret hideout in the city?
Jesse: Oh c’mon! It wouldn’t be much of a secret if I told you, would it? To be honest, I prefer exploring new places instead of frequenting favorite places. I want to know other people’s secret hideouts.

Schmancy: Ah darn it I tried to trick ya! Oh well…What’s your favorite kind of sweet/candy?
Jesse: I-C-E C-R-E-A-M. Fruity flavors in the summer, chocolately/carmelly ones in the winter. Unless boozy flavors are an option. Those trump all. I had a bourbon chocolate ice cream cone last year that had me wishing I had skipped dinner.

Schmancy: yum. I just had sour cream icecream, it was interesting and making me want some of your bourbon chocolate…Onto more important things like, when you were young what did you want to “do” with your life?
Jesse: I recently found a “Time Capsule” questionnaire that I did when I was 10 years old. It said I wanted to be a cartoonist. I suppose I’m not too far off.

Schmancy: WOW! that’s pretty rad – I actually wanted to be a cartoonist for Disney (this was before all the CGI though…) Do you have any secret talents (the amazing artwork isn’t secret!)
Jesse: More secrets, eh? I have an uncanny ability of putting my foot in my mouth. Put me in any social situation. Within a half hour, I’ll have insulted someone, embarrassed myself, or inadvertently made an ill fated joke that falls flat and could be construed as dirty. And frequently, I can do it in the first 10 seconds. If social awkwardness were a career, my assistant’s assistant would be doing this interview as I golf from my helicopter hovering above my penthouse.

To read more of the article, please visit the Schmancy Seattle Blog.

WHO: Jesse LeDoux

WHERE: Schmancy Toys – 1932 2nd Avenue, Seattle WA 98101

WHEN: Friday July 9th, 2010 from 6-9 pm

*I will be in attendance! Stop by and holler at cha girl!


Art Radar 07.08.10 - Emily Huffman at Liquid Spaces Gallery

Originally from north Florida, Emily Huffman studied painting, metal sculpture, spanish language and african dance at Tulane University in New Orleans. After completing a BFA in May 2005, she relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina. Emily worked out of Bonded Llama Artist Studios and exhibited in several spaces in the Raleigh-Durham area. During this time she also delved into her other passion, the healing arts, by training in massage and bodywork, energywork, and yoga. In winter 2007, she co-created ARThresholds, a performance and visual art collaborative. Currently Emily lives in San Francisco where she is pursuing her practices as an artist and holistic bodyworker.

The greatest part of writing Art Radar is discovering so many talented artists and following their work.  I really admire how she works with broad processes, concepts, and media. If you are in the SF area, check out Huffman’s new works.

WHO: Emily Huffman

WHERE: Liquid Spaces – 1 Union Street, San Francisco CA 94111

WHEN: Thursday July 8th


Art Radar 07.08.10 - KURT: SEATTLE ART MUSEUM

Kurt Cobain symbolized the ideals, aspirations and disappointments of the ’90s generation, and a diverse array of artists have incorporated his image into their work to comment on those issues.

International in scope, the works on view in Kurt range from straight forward portraiture to pieces that show a more subtle assimilation of Cobain’s ethos and idealism in a broad range of media. With works from the early 1990s to the present, by artists such as Rodney Graham, Douglas Gordon and Elizabeth Peyton, among others, this exhibition will cause viewers to question why and how Kurt’s visage and his gestures came to mean so much to a generation.

WHO: A multi-artist show displaying works of the late Seattle Grunge icon Kurt Cobain

WHERE: Seattle Art Museum – 1300 1st Avenue Seattle, WA 98101

WHEN: Currently running, exhibition ends September 6th


Art Radar 07.08.10 - Temple of Doom at Cinders Gallery

The Temple of Blooom is an installation that combines paintings, drawings, collages, murals and sculpture to create our own type of a sonic-visual sanctuary as envisioned by each artist. Exploring places of worship, rituals, shrines, sacred objects and congregation, this place of spiritual assembly is based not on any religious faith but on the faith of our loose-knit community of artists, performers, experimenters, and musicians.

Each artist brings a different energy to the show from Hisham Bharoocha’s meditative mandala style mural painting to Hilary Pecis’ cavernous and intricate collages; paintings of people made entirely of wondrous flowers by Kelie Bowman and a golden paper mache shrine to the gods of plants by STO. Abstracted portraits recall ethereal masks in John Orth’s works on paper while Mark Warren Jacques explores cosmic patterns and forms in his paintings. Sherri Hay’s small, intimate sculptures of plant people lure you in to their majestic world and Jessie Rose Vala’s haunting black and white pencil drawings explore transformations between humans, animals, and the powers of nature.

WHO: The current works of:  Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Kelie Bowman, Sherri Hay, Mark Warren Jacques, John Orth, Hilary Pecis, STO, Jessie Rose Vala

WHERE: Cinders Gallery – 103 Havemeyer St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

WHEN: Saturday July 10, 2010 at 7PM


Art Radar 07.08.10 - New Insa Merchandise for sale

New Insa work available for sale!!!!


Art Radar 07.08.10 - London Police at Recoat Gallery's Co-Laboratory show


We just opened an amazing exhibition of work from artists who all collaborate to create their work. It’s called The Co-Laboratory. Really interesting pieces from all over the world. Partnership and collaboration in the creation of art is fairly unusual due to the difficulty and compromises it involves. Yet “Co-Laboratory” sees Recoat curate an entire show producedby no less than eight artist partnerships from all over the world.

Art Radar 07.08.10 - Tado: at Recoat Gallery's Co-Laboratory show

The show comprises of originals and prints that have an added layer of quality and intrigue due to being created by two talented individuals.


Participants include Aitch and Saddo, Alto Contraste, Microbo and Bo130, Motel7 and Vinnie Nylon, Peskimo, Syrkus and Rekor, Tado, and The London Police.


I really wish I were in attendance for this one, a large portion of the artists are my favorites! If you are in the are go, and take the spirit of myself with you! xx

WHO: A multi-artist show: The Co-Laboratory

WHERE: Recoat Gallery – 323 North Woodside Road Glasgow, Scotland G20 6ND

WHEN: Currently running and ends July 25th. GO! GO! GO! Open Tuesday- Sunday 12p-6p


Now don’t forget about the Art Radar post from last week! There is tons of news and events that no one should miss out on! Art Radar 07-01-10

Graphic credit to the lovely PHAYMISS

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