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Art Radar 07.01.2010



Jen E & Ritzy P Supreme Goods

The summer is in full swing and its way too hot for most accessories. Scarves, gloves, and all those other fashionable add-ons are no longer an option unless you want to burn alive. So, for all those fashionistas out there who want the new, dope, and unique items to jazz up their look, MISS has something for you to consider. Jen E and Ritzy P Supreme Goods recently launched their accessory line. The line consists of pendants, bowls, and other fashion/household pick-me-ups. The two have quite the business set up for themselves. Jen is an experienced potter who makes the pieces and Ritzy decorates them with her urban art pizzazz. You can check the whole lineup on the Supreme Goods Etsy Page.


Damie Hirst Audi AI for Sir Elton John's AIDS Foundation

Take a little paint, an Audi AI, and a whole heap of imagination and you’ve got the latest creation from British artist Damien Hirst. The multicolored mobile was designed for Sir Elton John’s AIDS Foundation (EJAF) annual white tie and tiara ball. Audi allowed Hirst to leave is creative stamp on the car and auction if off at no charge. Pretty sweet auction piece. The hot pink and paint splattered AI was auctioned off for 420,000 euros (about $51,5000).


Pedro Vidotto

Need a quick shot of creativity? MISS has got you covered. Brazilian artist Pedro Vidotto recently took his favorite films and recreated their posters with a Minimalist twist. Cool huh? Minimalism is characterized by taking elaborate works of art and stripping them down to the basics. Basic shapes, silhouettes, and colors is how minimal we’re talking here. There are 40 posters total and they’re all dope. Check them all on Fubiz!

Pedro Vidotto

Pedro Vidotto

Pedro Vidotto


Jonathan Yeo "Porn in the USA"

If you’re into the raunchy and controversial, boy have I got news for you. Lazarides is bringing dirty to the doorsteps of Los Angeles residents. Jonathan Yeo is showing his newest exhibition, Porn in the USA, at the LA gallery. The idea for the title and theme of the work being displayed is quite interesting. Jonathan was initially known for his oil paintings. That is until he was summoned by the United States Government to paint a portrait of then President George W. Bush. Well, the White House backed out at the last minute and Jonathan proceeded with the painting anyway. The idea sounds innocent until you look real closely at the painting. The likeness of G Dub-ya’s face is made up of a collage of pornographic images, and I mean hardcore porn. The image was revealed in 2007 and the idea of Yeo’s porn portraits has become a phenomenon known worldwide. This has to be one of the greatest things I’ve heard about to date. It’s vulgar, unexpected, and super funny. I WISH I could go see the portraits for myself but since I can’t I’ll let you ladies have all the fun.

Porn in the USA

Jonathan Yeo


320 North Beverly Drive

Beverly Hills, California 90210


July 9th – August 8th, 2010

Noon – 8:00pm Daily


OG Slick of DISSIZIT! x Gears of War 3 Tee

I’m not a very coordinated person who can’t play video games, but I have hears tons about the new Gears of War game. Apparently the new game is a major deal in the gamer world and people are already plotting to get their hands on a copy and the release is a little less than a year away. This has to be more epic than the new Twilight film! Epic Games is aware of the buzz around the release of the game, so to feed the hunger of the awaiting fans the company decided to team up with graffiti artist OG Slick to give players a piece of the game they can carry with them forever. OG Slick is the man behind the Los Angeles clothing brand DISSIZIT! and hes meshed the fashion world and the gamer world by creating a tee designed exclusively for the gameplay debut of GOW3 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. See the video highlight of the revealing of the tee below.

Image Layout: Phaymiss

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